From the Life of Elorithryn

We've all had experiances, some good, some bad. Here are some of mine. Taken from my life and placed into words for you to read. Enjoy!

Turning into Pumpkins

My friend was having yet another one of his fabulous parties. I can’t quite remember if there was any theme to this one. Or maybe it was just that a bunch of us congregated at his house. What I do remember was that it was a beautiful moonlit summer night. The group of us decided that a late night swim was in order. So we piled into two cars and headed to the near by pond.

Now being after dusk the pond was officially closed to swimming. Yet there was no gate or chain to keep us from parking in the lot and descending down the slope to the beach. The water was crystal clear and the sand bright white.

The girls headed into the water, not bothering to strip any layers. The boys decided that the buoys that defined the swim area needed a little rearranging. They too waded into the water fully clothed. What did we care if our clothing became soaked? The first line was in and the boys were industriously dragging in the second when a flashlight was shone down upon us.

“What are you doing?” A voice asked from the darkness of the trees on the slope above us.

One of my friends shone his own flashlight back at the voice. The voice descended and we could immediately see it was a police officer. My friend shut off the light as we all gulped wondering what was in store for us.

“What are you doing?” He questioned us again, looking directly at the two boys frozen with the buoy line in their hands.

“Well,” the one begins, “the other side was already in, so we were just making this side match.”

“I see.” He pondered all of us. I don’t think he believed my friend. “Alright, I am going to leave now, but I want you all gone by midnight or turn into pumpkins.”

“Yes Officer.” We sigh with collective relief. Considering one of us had shined a light back in his face, and we were at a pond that was supposed to be closed; we’d gotten off light.

“Where could we find Pumpkins?” someone asked.

“Rainbow Fruit, but they’d be closed.”

“Well we don’t want to steal them.”

And so, alas, we could not think of anywhere we could buy pumpkins at that time of night. Disappointed that we couldn’t leave a trail of pumpkins to the cars for the officer’s return we headed out. Piling back into the two cars, we sat upon towels and went home.

The End

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