A Poem from the Pink Notebook

Some scribblings and scrawlings out of old, new, forgotten, and cherished notebooks.

Broken and degraded

by her doubts and the demon's deceit

She feels herself falling

and she is

She opens her eyes

and steals a glance

at everything that's flying by


love and hope

joy and peace

rush around her in a blur

With a yearning that aches

within her breast

she allows herself to want

what she has forbidden

And the taste is so sweet

and it is freeing


With every bite she takes

she breaks a chain

Her fall begins to slow

until it is reversed

Now she is flying

on wings like eagles

She turns her face 

towards the sun

The darkness and chains 

mere nightmares past


She takes His hand and is







With Him as her warrior

She defies gravity

and soars toward a future

better and more beautiful

than anything she could have


The End

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