Scene Five: The ZooMature

A young girl skips out onto stage, from stage right. She is wearing a pink dress with white lace at the bottom and a white ribbon around her waist. She stops suddenly, turns around and yells towards off stage right.

Abby. Come on daddy! I wanna see the penguins!

A tall man holding a blackberry cell phone up to his ear walks onto stage. He is wearing a business type clothes like a red button up shirt with a tie and black pants. He turns the speaker end of the phone away from his mouth and yells to the young girl.

Robert. Wait just one moment, sweetie! Daddy’ll be right there, in just a couple seconds. Don’t leave me, stay nearby.  

Abby stands around and then wanders off to stage left. Lights up on a balloon vender down-SL. He is an elder gentleman with graying hair. He is holding 10-15 balloons in his hand and from time to time yells out “Balloons. Free balloons.” Abby’s head turns and she scuttles off to the balloon vender.

Abby. I want a balloon, please.

Balloon Vender. Oh why certainly, Little Madame. Which color do you want? –Wait. Don’t tell me, let me guess...

Pretends to think my stroking his chin, which has no beard. Abby giggles and holds out her dress as the vender surveys her up and down.

Vender. Blue? Abby shakes her head, ‘no’. No, no. Definitely not blue. Nor red. PINK. Yes, you’d like pink wouldn’t you?

Abby. Giggles. Yes please, I would.

Vender. Here you go. Smiles.

Abby. Thank you, mister.

Vender. Glad to help.

Lights down on Abby and Balloon vender. Lights up on Robert, who’s on the phone.

Robert. Yes. Yes. Sell the Los Angeles complex. We’re not going to get a better offer than that, and prices’ll only go down from here. Sell it for 1.6 million and then we can buy the New York studios. Yes, yeah, whatever. I don’t care. Now, I got to go,  I call you tomorrow, when I’m in the office. Yes. Bye.

Abby enters from stage left with a pink balloon in her hand. She grabs her father’s hand and drags him to SL. The lights turn bluish like inside an aquarium. Railway and info sign facing away from audience.

Abby.   Ooh look at that one daddy! Isn’t he pretty? What’s his name?

Robert. Oh sweetie... that’s uhh... (Looks at info plaque against railing.) Little Blue. Yes, his name is Little Blue.  

Abby.   I like it when he swims around like that. He’s so fast! (Pause) Hey Daddy! Look what he’s doing now! What he’s doin that for? He’s just looking up at the sky and walking around.

There is a moment of awe and confusion, before it is broken by an announcement from a zoo staff member in a monotone voice, over a loud speaker.

Speaker. Excuse me patrons of the Albernaki Zoo. The time is now 2:50. We would like you to please begin to leave the park at this time, as we will be closing at three o’clock. Thank you for coming.

Robert. I don’t know what it’s doing. I think it’s waiting for food. Let’s go. I’ll get you a flamingo stuffed animal from the gift shop!

Abby.   Oh goodie! Thank you daddy. I’ll name her Pinky. And then she’ll be best friends with...

Fade out. Lights up on opposite side of stage. Robert is back on his blackberry. Abby is playing with a pink stuffed animal flamingo. She makes it fly around and float above her head. She sees something above her, and screams.


Runs and cowers, while clinging onto father’s leg. Robert springs into calming her, and after and moment her looks up and is shocked at what he sees. 

The End

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