Scene Four: Dei-Mon's Thai CafeMature

Stephanie enters restaurant and walks towards the hostess at Center-center stage.

Restaurant Hostess. Hi and welcome to Dei-Mon’s Thai Café. Table for one, ma’am?

Stephanie. Uh, two actually. Me and my sister. Oh, and it’s such a beautiful day out, let’s sit outside.

Hostess. OK. Come this way please, ma’am.

The hostess leads Stephanie past groups of people, dining, towards a table at DOWN-SL. On the way, Stephanie says:

Stephanie. Question: do you serve alcohol?

Hostess. Some yes. We have wine. And beer on tap.

Stephanie. Two glasses of your cheapest wine. I’d like to unwind, and I think Margot needs some unwinding too.

Hostess.   Yes, of course Ma’am. And this is your table.

Stephanie. Thanks.

The hostess leaves to get the wine while Stephanie places her bag on the back of her chair and sits down. The hostess quickly returns with two glasses of red wine. Stephanie thanks the hostess, crosses her legs, and then stirs (aerates), smells, and sips her wine. Stephanie sighs, Margot enters, and the two woman smile.

Margot. Hi, Steph! Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve actually seen you.

Stephanie and Margot embrace and then Margot pushes them apart, but continues to hold on to her sister’s shoulders. She holds her at arm’s length and inspects her from top to bottom.

Margot.    You look great! You’ve lost weight.

Steph. Weight Watchers! It does wonders for losing those extra pounds.

Margot. And those are new shoes! They look expensive. Oh god, I wish I could pull those off.

Steph. What: these? I got them for $20 bucks from Marshalls.

They laugh.

Margot. Ooh! Wine. Is this for me?

Steph. Well, I was thinking of giving it to that handsome guy over there, but you can have it, I guess.

Margot.    Stephanie! You are a happily married woman. You should be looking!

Steph. I can’t even take an innocent look? Fine. Laughs. That reminds me, how’s life with the tall, the handsome, and the genius scientist, Mark?

Margot. Oh it’s good. Really good.

Steph. I wasn’t asking that! Laughs.

Margot. But you wanted to know, didn’t you?

Margot laughs, then Stephanie laughs louder. When they calm down, Margot takes a sip of her wine, aerates it, and sips again, then continues:

Margot. Yeah... Mark’s really sweet. Dwight isn’t all that crazy about me, but Mark loves his son to death, so we get along. He mostly hangs out with his friends or sulks in his room and plays Xbox anyways, so I don’t need to worry.

Waitress comes in and gives the two women their menus and silverware.

Steph. Hey... (Peaks over menu.) Have you two talked about that daughter you always dreamed about? What did you want to call her: Emily?

Margot. (Speaking behind menu.)Actually it was Emilia. But close. That was when I was 16. Now I want a boy, yes a boy, and his name will be Felix.

Steph. And what happens if he turns out like Dwight?

Margot. I’ll make sure he won’t. He’ll be a drama kid: like me when I was growing up. Theatre. Voice lessons. Dance. Smiles.

Steph. Laughs. And when he’s rich and famous, he’ll love you so much, he’ll buy you a house in the tropics and let you retire at the age of 45.

Margot. Well that’d be nice, I wouldn’t mind.

Steph. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen. No. I bet he’d just forget about you.

Margot. Shut up. Laughs and brushes off the remark with a wave of her hand, before giggling and sipping her wine.

Waitress returns and takes the women’s orders.

Margot. So, how are Abby and Robert?

Steph. Oh, Abby starts middle school in two weeks. She is SO excited. We already got her all the stuff she needs: pink notebooks, pink folders, and even a pink backpack.

Margot.    A whole lot of pink!

Steph. It’s one of those young girl phases.

Margot.    Oh, so those flamingoes...

Steph. Yep. She smiles and then shrugs.

The lights dim as if the sun suddenly got covered by a cloud. 

Steph. Aww, and we were having such nice weather. Stupid...

Stephanie looks at Margot, who is staring behind Stephanie with a look of terror, confusion, and surprise. Stephanie turns around and looks up into the sky above her.

Steph. What the hell...?

Black out.

The End

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