Scene Three: The Pizza Shop/ Outside the Pizza ShopMature

 Dwight rolls onto stage on a skateboard from SL with an annoyed/bored expression on his face. He is texting on his phone, while rolling on. SL-Center he stops and kicks the skateboard up to his hands, and then walks to Center-Center stage, where a couple of boys (Jared, Mike and Gareth) are seated around a table at a dingy pizza joint. They have a large pizza box sitting in the middle of the table and drinks too, but they haven’t touched any of it yet.

 Jared. Man! Where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you for 30 damn minutes!

 Dwight.    Sorry, dude, my dad was getting all lovey-dovey with Margot: he wouldn’t leave.

 Gareth.    Jared, I’m going outside to wait for Owen. He’ll be here any minute with the you-know-what. You coming Mike?

 Mike.   In a sec.

 Jared. So, Dwight, you bring the money like I said?

 Dwight. (Suspiciously.) Yeah. Waving a bundle of bills up in the air.

 Jared. Thirty-five?

Dwight. Yeah... Why? (Hands over money, which Jared immediately begins to count.)

 Jared. Moving in close to whisper to Dwight. Gareth’s older brother, you remember him, Owen, well a couple of his college friends got him some stuff that we’re gonna buy.

Dwight.    Beer?

Jared. No...

Dwight.    Crack?

Jared. NO. 

Dwight.    Then what?!

Jared.  L. S. D.

Dwight.    You’re f***ing kidding me!! N-N-No... N-No... NO WAY MAN! 

Jared. Don’t be a damn f****t, man! 

Jared smirks while Dwight stares at him, angry and worried. Then from off-stage SL, a car horn is heard. It honks quickly once or twice, and then honks once more in a single long beep. Dwight stares directly at Jared again, before whisking away the pizza box and the soda can. Exit Jared to DOWN-SR. Dwight picks up his cell phone and reads another text. He smiles.

Mike.      Dude. We’ve gotta go. Owen’s here. Stop texting your girlfriend and come on.

Dwight. She’s barely my girlfriend.

Mike.      Yeah right. I bet you’ve gotten into—

Dwight. Shut up. Let’s go.

Mike smiles maliciously and follows Dwight to Jared and Gareth, DOWN-SR.

Gareth. (to Owen) Hey Man! What’s up?

Owen pulls the key to his convertible out of the ignition and jumps out over the car door. Gareth high-fives him, then pulls him close and claps him on the back. Owen is wearing a black hoodie, orange-plaid shorts, flip flops, and red-tinted sunglasses.

Owen. Hey. Nods his head in acknowledgement.

Gareth. Uhh... you remember Jared.

Jared. Hey, man.

Gareth. That’s Mike. And this is Dwight.

Mike. What’s up?

Dwight. Hello. Dwight refuses to look at Jared, Owen, or Gareth.

Jared. So... you got the L—

Gareth slaps Jared in the back of the head

Owen. Shut up s***head. Yeah I got it. You got the money?

Jared. Yeah.

Jared hands over bundle of money to Owen. Owen leans back against the car. He licks his forefinger and thumb and begins to starts counting money in silence. After a moment of nothing, and Owen starts counting again, Jared interjects:

Jared. Well where is it? Huh? You better of brought it!

Owen.   I said, ‘shut up, s***head’. You forgot tax.

Jared. What the hell are you talking about? I don’t need to pay no tax to you!

Owen.   Which means you do, doofus! I’m illegally selling you drugs! You want some, you play by my rules! $15 bucks. Now.

Jared. OK, Dwight. Fork it over.

Dwight.    No way man. I paid already. I don’t even know I’m here right now, my dad would ground me till my grandkids were dead if he ever caught me doing this kind of stuff.

Dwight drops his skateboard and tries to leave.

Gareth. You can’t chicken out now, pinhead, you’re paying up: now.

Gareth kicks the skateboard out from underneath him, and flips him over onto his stomach. He grabs Jared’s wallet out of his back-jeans pocket and pulls out around 30 bucks. He hands half to Owen, pockets the rest, and throws the wallet back into Dwight’s face as he sits back up again. Owen hops back into the driver’s side of the car and leans over to the other side to open the glove box. From inside he replaces a crumpled brown bag with the $120. He throws the brown bag at Jared.

Owen. You dare tell anyone where you got those from, I swear I will find and kill you personally.

Owen drives away in his convertible.

Gareth opens the brown paper bag and takes out a bag filled with wet paper punch outs.

Gareth. Dammit! He screwed with us! These aren’t drugs!

Gareth throws the items back into the brown bag and throws the bag to Jared. Jared looks at the items in the bag and then throws the bag onto the ground.

Jared.  You’re right! This isn’t LSD. F*** YOU OWEN!!

Dwight. Yes it is you idiots.

Jared and Gareth stare at Dwight in frustration and anger.

Gareth. What the hell does that mean?

Dwight. Do you even know what LSD is? LSD is so dangerous that even in small quantities of it could kill you. So they soak small paper punch-outs in LSD and you let them sit on your tongue to get it. What were you expecting? Cigarettes? A syringe?

Jared. Damn!

Gareth grabs the bag and pulls out a small disc of paper. He stares at it for a moment before looking at Jared, who has followed suit. Gareth opens his mouth and places the paper onto his tongue. Jared curiously watches Gareth and then places his onto his tongue. Dwight watches both, still sitting on the ground, while grabbing his skateboard which had rolled away from him.

Gareth. I don’t feel anything! What the hell is supposed to happen.

Jared. I don’t know, but get the pizza. I heard one kid who had it could taste colors!

Gareth. Man that’s insane.

Jared. Whoa. I think it’s working: look at that over there. The sky’s all wrinkly.

Gareth. Haha! That’s wicked cool!

Dwight. (Apprehensively and scared) Guys: that isn’t the LSD. I can see it too.

Jared and Gareth look back at Dwight who stares right back. Jared and Gareth spit out there paper discs and stare back at the sky in the distance. Dim to black out.

The End

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