From AboveMature

This is a short play based in Scifi without the entire Scifi experience. Its based around more of the relationships and events that occur when a large alien space ship appears over a small town in rural Maine.

The stage begins dark. 

Several small groups, each with 2-4 men and women, are clustered on stage now, lit up by separate spotlights. They are all looking up at something seemingly high up in the sky over offstage-left. Two women are seated at a restaurant table looking up at the sky, forks still in their hands. One man is holding the hand of his young daughter who is holding a red balloon. A group of teenagers are holding their cell phones up towards the sky poised to take pictures or texting previously taken photos to friends. One woman wearing voodoo/mystic garb is clutching a bible in her hands and crouching down, while in the middle of prayer. 

Lights dim. Black out. 


Lights up at DOWN-SL. Margot, a mother of a teen boy, Dwight, and wife of Mark Everett, is folding laundry at a small, round dining room table. Dwight is slowly eating breakfast, while Mark is fixing his tie and holding a bagel, with cream cheese, between his teeth.

 Margot. Your dad’s almost ready Dwight. Come on— gulp down that cereal and get ready. If you’re not ready soon, your father will leave without you and you’ll have to find a new ride downtown.

Mark.   MM-MMMM-MMMMM-MMMMM-MM. M-MMM-MMMM. MMMMM-MM-MM-MMM-MMM-MMM? (No, don’t worry about it. I can wait... Honey, is my tie all set?)

Margot pairs a sock and folds it before walking to stand face to face with Mark. She fixes his tie while saying:

Margot.    Sorry hun. I don’t speak bagel.

When she is done fixing Mark’s tie, Margot pulls the bagel from his teeth and places it on a napkin from the center of the table.

Mark.   Oh you don’t? Well I speak it quite fluently… its one of those languages that was real easy to learn since I already knew English.

Margot rolls her eyes.

Mark.   It must have been my Cream Cheese dialect. Bad habit really, worse than cockney.

Mark affectionately kisses Margot on the cheek, unintentionally getting cream cheese on her cheek. Mark starts buttoning his cuffs and doesn’t notice.

Margot. Honey, you’ve gotten your dialect on my face.

She rubs it off with her wrist. Then assists Mark with his buttons. At the same time, Dwight’s cell phone buzzes on the table. He picks it up and types a text back. Then he downs his milk and stands up. Dwight’s parents are now holding each other’s hands and letting their noses touch romantically. Dwight is a 15 year old and is full of rebellious teen angst. Mark is his real dad, but Margot is his new step-mom, and Mark’s new wife and son do not get along well, so Dwight is constantly annoyed with his life.

Dwight. Do you guys seriously have to act like that in front of me. You’ve got a bedroom, use it if you must.

Margot gives Dwight a glare, but Mark gives her a peck on the cheek and she smiles again, turning towards Mark.

 Mark.   Would you rather us bicker and fight and end up like Jared’s parents? “Margot! What do you think you’re doing? Spending money willy-nilly? We don’t need this expensive food. Me and Dwight should go hunting for our meat and we’ll farm all our own food!”

Margot. “YOU are going to talk to ME about wasting money? Let Dwight walk downtown. Its only 5 miles. Why should we use our precious gasoline for him?”

Mark and Margot stare at each other and then start cracking up.

Dwight. Thanks for the life lesson. It’s just... I don’t know... weird, when you two act all lovey-dovey in front of me.

Margot and Mark get really close and pretend to start making out, which makes Dwight squirm.

Dwight.    Oh— oh, come on! Ewww. Like, seriously? Uggg.

Mark and Margot giggle. Then Mark checks the time on his watch and gasps.

Mark.   Ooh. Got to go— ready, Dwight? I’m leaving right now, OK?

Dwight.    Finally. Thank GOD.

Dwight grabs his skateboard and shoves his cell phone and some money into his pocket. Mark grabs his briefcase and kisses Margot on the cheek before grabbing his keys off the dining room table and leaving with Dwight. Margot closes the door behind Mark and then goes back to the laundry basket. She starts folding laundry again, when the phone rings.  

Margot.    Hi Steph! What’s up with my favorite sister?

Stephanie is now lit up at DOWN-SR with a single spotlight.

Stephanie. Hey Margot! And I’m your ONLY sister, in case you’ve forgotten. Well… Robert and Abby just left for their Father-Daughter day. It’s something they do every year: Robert takes a day off from work and they do something together. They decided to go to the zoo today. Abby wants to see the Flamingoes, so we told her she’d get to see them. So… I was thinking WE’D do something together today. Like, I was hoping we could try-out that new Thai Restaurant down by the dress boutique downtown. We’ve got a lot of catching-up to do.

Margot. That sounds great. I WAS getting hungry. Mark has gone off to the observatory already. He came home last night, so excited because they found a large asteroid that might come by Earth in like... 2000 years. Well, I think I can scrape away a few hours off my busy day of doing laundry.

She laughs.

Margot.    I’ll see you there in 20 minutes, OK?

Stephanie. Good. See you there.

The End

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