Freefall- short story plan

5 parts
It starts with Hank being merry celebrating on his home planet Maria and Alex getting together however there is very little humour when he makes love with one of the Callisto, a girl virgin alien species (the guys can have sex but breed with other aliens). As a result he is taken to intergalactic court where he is given three days notice to pick up his bags and go (involuntary exile).As no one will have him (including his long list of one- standers), he decides to contact Alex and Maria with no luck. Through desperation, Hank contacts Pablo. Pablo allows him have his shuttle brought down in Yemen where Pablo is currently in Special Forces. Pablo tells Hank of Alex’s and Maria’s whereabouts.
Meanwhile Alex has met up with his mum, Medea after Maria successfully her got away of being a hostage .He talks with his mum and her past and she says that he should try to patch up with his dad, Jason whilst his new step mum spends time with his little sister. Reluctantly, Alex agrees but his mum warns him that he should not do anything out of character as his dad can be manulipative. Alex ignores this advice and after a long conversation, his dad convinces him to get Pablo with a girl called Felicity (who is actually a blood thrusting Thespiano in disguise). Unbeknown to Alex, his dad now works for the Thespianos and is finding all weaknesses to the four (and Alex’s little sister) to gain immortality and make him have a new life. His stepmother has been turned into a Thespiano and when ready will be grabbing his sister’s soul.
Maria meanwhile is preparing to marry Alex with her best friends/bridesmaids. However one of the bridesmaids is an alien who is close allies and on the neighbouring planet to the Callistos and so feels that Hank should not be at the wedding. However with Pablo and Alex being keen of his presence, Maria invites Hank.
Pablo not convinced with Alex’s blind date idea refuses at first. But once gripped by the Thespiano, Pablo is blinded by love for the alien. As this is the case, Alex is overjoyed and thanks his dad for helping him out unbeknown that Pablo is becoming processed by the alien’s power. Whilst this is going on, Hank’s sister born as bacterium when Hank had the measles, Phoebe informs Hank will be a dad and informs him the main two things about Metamorphic pregnancy- he will be the one who is pregnant and being that the pregnancy only lasts a month- the baby is expected on the day of the wedding. With Alex giving him endless stick (as a revenge for the last few years that Alex endured from Hank) and Hank stunned and making the point that he should have used alien contraception (well ,duh), Phoebe tells them that the Callisto royal family is less than happy with the news so he had to be careful.
Alex and Maria have the vows but happiness doesn’t last long as Pablo taken over by a Thespiano has a go at Alex being the dark side of Pablo out and tells Maria she deserves better. To the shocking behaviour of Pablo, Hank gets spasms which bring up the baby girl in sick. To change the topic, Hank stressing the point it should have been a boy.Maria and Alex help Hank out and clear up the mess but don’t see that Pablo has now collapsed and his soul has turned into his school bully and arch-nemesis Kurt Whiteman. Kurt Whiteman makes his presence felt so leading the three to see Pablo and Kurt. Kurt informs Alex of his dad’s misgivings. At first in disbelief, Alex becomes angry firstly at the fact that his dad had used him and he had saved him in the first short story but also anger at the fact he had put Pablo in this position. Kurt leaves, ready to cause havoc. Alex’s anger is fuelled by the fact that Maria comes to Pablo currently lying on the floor and coughing up blood. Maria asks Alex whether Kurt says is true. Alex admits, and Maria becomes generally upset with Alex and tells him he is like his dad – selfish and uncaring and as a result cries and kisses Pablo. Alex about to slap Maria for kissing Pablo is then stopped by Maria’s elder brother Nicholas who has been sitting in the stands the whole time. The Final scene is left with Hank picking up the pieces from the destroyed wedding and stops his baby crying.
The End

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