This is basically a memory that's been tweaked a little - however, the essence of it is the same.

"There was a busy promenade, lit up only by shops or tavernas. There was no rail or fence at the 2ft drop to the beach. It struck me as odd at first. But then I got used to it."

I start to tell the tale, looking up into their intense eyes.

     "The sand was the palest gold, and in the full moonlight, seemed like pure, white-golden beauty. The shore seemed to be one perfect line from one end of the beach to the other. The full moon bright with a perfect reflection on the flickering water. There was never just a horizon, always mountains beyond it, sculpted, engraved into the night. The rare mountain villages had turned their lights on, turning the scene into a life-size dot-to-dot puzzle. You could almost find constellations in them, they blended in with the city of stars above. It was an artists hand at work." 

My eyes subconsciously drift upwards, meeting only the bleak, boring, brown ceiling.

     "But I was leaving all that beauty behind. I walked down a side road, the longest I could find. The traditional Greek music I could hear floating from the nearest taverna was fading away. The bright artificial light was leaving me. The chatter of foreign tounges were slowly being left behind, not worthy of this adventure."

I hesitated, unsure of whether to continue. I do.

     "As I walked down the dusty road, a strange feeling crept up on me. Fear? Confusion? Dejection? I settled for excitement. Even though I knew what I wanted was right next to it, I didn't reach out. I wandered forwards, the 'excitement' calming to a small ball in the pit of my stomach. Then I felt something odd. Something I could only describe as release. All my worries, my stress left me, and two feelings replaced them. Loneliness - solitude I had never experienced before. And happiness. Immense joy that's only found in peaceful times."

I pause. Then realise I have more to say. My mouth opens before by brain can say no.

     "I drifted onwards, for that was what it was like. I didn't walk. I didn't think. I just... enjoyed."

Now I'm stuck for what to say. So:

"Let me give you a word and a sentence."


 "What most people don't realise about freedom is that it can be just that: freeing."

The End

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