Did that just happen? (Liam's POV)

He looks down at her and smiles. He asks her what she wants to do and to his surprise she says,"You!" He looks at her and laughs. And I know shes not kidding. Should I try? cause I dont want to rush things and I dont want to lose her. shes my world now. He kisses her again and takes her over to his fouton. He lays her down and kisses her, and she takes off his shirt. He carefully takes her shirt off but doesnt go any further. He wants this moment to last, and he doesnt want to push her to far. After awhile she takes his pants off and he takes hers off and the world stops for a second. Right there, in front of him, was the girl of his dreams, naked. He couldnt believe it. He wanted to just lock his door and have no one leave the room.

 She then kissed his neck and then his shoulder and started to suck. Now shes giving me this, my first hickey! He couldnt believe how good it felt he pulled her close and then he had a condom on and as he entered her his spirit soared. It felt like their spirits soared to heaven and combined as one. One, one being, forever. His love of his life, his, till the world ended.

He felt himself get close so he told her so she could be ready to feel them together. Their bodies intertwined as one and their spirits as one. He then cums and almost collapsed. He was tired. Really tired. He had sex before but it wasnt like that. It was just pleasurable on his body. This was amazing for his body, mind, and spirit. Sex never made him this tired and drained before. Was it cause of who it was with? Or was it cause of what his heart was feeling?

The End

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