He watches her almost skip in happiness to the car. He followed and got in the passenger seat next to his mom while Tegan got in behind him. They drove to his house and he lead her to his room. They hugged and they  held each other.

 He was in heaven. To be in the arms of his angel. Everything around him went dark. Everything but him and her. Spinning in space. Swirling stars. Clouds of dust as we touch them turn colors. Sparks shoot like shooting stars. A smile that will never leave his my mind. The eyes that burn into his heart and make him smile. The clouds, the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. All are nothing. They can leave his world and he would be happy. He looks into her eyes and smiles. She says one word. "Happy?" He was speechless, cause the word. That five letter word did not describe it. He looked her for a while and then said, "Your my utopia."

The End

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