Well That Works

He read the text on his lab top screen. He smiled the biggest smile he had ever had, then he for thought a bit.

"Wait," He mentioned her boyfriend with jealousy and a little bit of hatred, then he felt ashamed. Adam had done nothing wrong. He was just following his heart. He didn't want to hurt someone that did nothing wrong and he had no right to be mad at him for doing nothing and for barely knowing him.

She said she would ask him. When she replied back he jumped in the air. He said she could hang out with him! His heart raced! He planned to clean his room Tuesday. He planned to gather his XBox up so they could play. He grabbed a movie they both loved, The Phantom of the Opera, and put it by the DVD player.

Tuesday moved by slow. He did the same thing he did the day before and saw her as much as he could. He waited with her and was happy. Then Wednesday came along and he had to take one final for the day. He finished that with some difficulty since he never studied. After that he decided to wait in the band room lobby. Its where they planned to meet afterward. When the bell rang, he looked for her and smile when she came. He hugged her tight and they both sat and talked as he waited for his mom to come. They didn't talk about one thing, but they didn't get bored. They loved each others company.

The End

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