What to do now?

She said she loved him! He could not believe it. She loved him, but he knew she had a boyfriend. He kept talking to her wondering what was going to happen. They talked till two in the morning. Luckily it was a Friday.

She ended up falling asleep on him. He didn't mind. He knew he would talk to her more often now. And he was right. They almost talked non stop Saturday and Sunday, unless they couldn't for a time period, but as soon as they could, they did. They stayed up late every night. Once they stayed up till six in the morning. He became happier, the happiest man alive, it felt that anyhow. Monday morning came. He decided to take an energy drink so he could be awake all day.While waiting for the first bell to ring he danced and sung with the biggest smile on his face.

That day he went to see  her all the time as much as he could. He saw her a lot. In the halls they stared at each other. At lunch his eyes could not get off her. She played some games and he helped her for fun.  They waited with each other after school laughing and talking having fun.

When they both got home they even talked then.

The End

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