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 Liam Micheal Grayy.  He sits there. Watching the trees pass by. He thinks to himself. What can I do to make this a better life for myself. He gets up and walks to the edge of the porch. He looks at the bases of the tress and reaches out, but he can not touch them. His mind has not left this house in years, unless it was to meet with someone. On most days he would sit there like an old man that he's not, and stare off into the wild. The wild of not of Earth, but of his own mind. People walk by and see a young man wasting away. They don't know his story, but I do. They think he has killed a man and is now a run away but regrets what he has done. Some believe he has kidnapped a young girl and is now listening to her cries for her mom as she died. These stories will never be true. He would of put the steel of a gun in his mouth before he will ever do that kind of thing.

    His story starts as a kid. Ten years old. He had two older sisters that played with him and played tricks on him. He was a naive child. Simple minded but brilliant. His mother lived with his grandmother.

    It was a small  town. Very few friends, and even less that lived by him. When he and his friends got together, his sisters would join in on the fun. They had a great time. A simple life. During the week, he would go to school. His mom would pick him up most of the time, but on Fridays his dad picked him up.

    He went to his father's mothers house for the weekend. She lived in the middle of a field, across from a farm another person owned. She owned many cats. One was pure gray and his name was Smoky. He was a plump cat, but very active. This was his favorite cat at the time, but Smoky soon became ill and died. But the simple minded and naive child he was, he pushed this little mishap to the side and let it rot away as a forgotten memory.

   He went to the across the barely used road to see all the farm animals that were in the barn whenever he was allowed, but he was to afraid to touch them. His cousin came over a lot. They used to be like brothers. They would chase rainbows while running through the cornstalks. They would try to fly kites. They would be at each others throats, but for all fun and games.

     When his dad decided to get a girlfriend, his dad moved in with her. So instead of his father picking him up on Fridays, it was her also. Around this time, his mother got a boyfriend and decided to get a place of their own. They decided to move half an hour away and rent out a house. His sisters stayed behind till they finished the school year, but he went with his mother. Liam made a friend on the first few days there, but after a week they forgot about him. So he would walk the streets in this small town but bigger than the one before. On his way back he met another boy. He was his age. Around eleven or twelve years old. Same height. Red hair. Covered in freckles, but not that nice. Still Liam and this boy became friends. They made fun of another boy down the street from him. After awhile, Liam went to say sorry to the other boy. The boy was happy to let him play, even become his first friend. Roy was his name. Brown long, for a boy, hair. Stood to be a little shorter than Liam. He was very creative, but shy. The games they would play would always involve their imagination. It's the way they lived.

   While Liam was off with his friends, his sisters started to pull away from the family. They started to make fun of Liam for only having one friend. They had plenty of friends. They would try to lock Liam out of the house and not let him in.

    They were all scared of what was now their step dad. He would yell all the time and spank them. Then they got used to it. Started to rebel. Push him back. Till their mother saw they were not happy with them. She became unhappy with him also, so he was kicked out of the door. She started to leave them at home alone. With the oldest in charge. Then their mother got a at home job. So we were all together in a house again with no father figure.

    Liam's dad was starting to drift away. He moved down south four hours away so he can get a job. He would never call unless Liam was coming down to see him. When Liam started the journey of getting away from that naive child he used to be he saw this. His father, his hero, was washed away to the back of his mind. He would not allow his father to be the figure he was once before. His father would not prove himself to be let up to that standard again if he even had the chance to do so.

      As life went on, Liam met new people. Roy and him were starting to fall apart as Liam made new friends. One friend was a year older than him. Luke was his name. They played often in his back yard. Mostly the game of soldiers. Then he introduced the first girl he would have a crush on. Her name was Tegan Kali Williams. He could tell that Tegan was trying to get Luke to notice her, so he never tried anything. She had redish hair. He was a bit taller than her, but they still had fun. She had freckles on her face. Soft skin. Perfect facial features. A sweet voice. He never forgot her. How her hair flew behind her like wings. Wings of an angel. He liked her a lot, but didn't know that she even noticed him. Liam would of tried something, but his confidence has been decreasing since his father has been hiding from him.

    After a year, Luke got new friends, Tegan moved to a different house and they all lost contact. At this point, Liam was about to go into Jr. High. This is where he started to become depressed. Even though he made new friends, he stayed away from them. They called him the demon commander. He didn't mind that nickname. He grew fond of it. He started to pretend demons from hell would rise up and attack people. It was normal for him to think that. He was always mistreated in the halls. He went out of his way to find one person most of the time as he roamed the halls. He searched for that perfect face surrounded by that long red hair. He would catch a glimpse of her and smile for a chance to see her.

When she went to the High school, he had no one to look for in the halls, so he kept his eyes to the floor and move to his class. This is the year Liam started to show his brilliant mind. He was in the only advanced English class. He was also in advanced math and science, but history he did not mind to but his mind to it. He only passed for the sake of passing the class. When Jr. High had ended, he met a new friend through a friend, Nate. This new friend, Mike, was fun to be around but found out that he could not keep the same personality for a whole week straight. His sister started to hang around them more often then when he first came over and Liam didn't know why.

When high school started for Liam, Mike offered him a ride. He said sure, and it became a routine. Sometimes Liam wouldn't be able to find Mike after school so he headed out to the car to Mike's sister waiting for them. This is when they talked. They talked about nothing and everything. They traded cell phone numbers and talked more. Thats when they started to hang out. She introduced a friend, Amy, to Liam and they all started to become best friends. Within two months, Liam started to like Amy. She seemed to be the first girl that would show any interest in him. So one day, he decided to ask her out. He hasn't even had his first kiss yet but he was trying for it anyhow. She said no as best as she could and he took it good. It wasn't like she didn't notice me. His mind flashed to Tegan, then back to reality.

After that he started to notice that Chelsea, Mike's sister,  liked him. He would start to notice her more and more. Just as when he first saw Tegan with another person in the hallways holding hands. He smiled to see her still perfect face, with the still long red hair. Chelsea started to take up Liam's time like it was her own. He had no time with his friends but he was ok. Thats when they started dating. Thats also when they first tried sex. They both loved it. They wanted to do it all the time, and they almost did. They became sex addicts, while Chelsea would control Liam to every ounce of respect he had was her own.  Chelsea started to talk about marriage. That's what brought Liam to see what he has done. What she was doing to him. He decided to break up with her, even though it would destroy the friendship he had with Mike.

He broke her heart. She smacked him. He took it like a man. Mike started to hate him because it was his sister. I had more time with my friends. That was good, I also had time to look for other people. This girl. She was in his gym class. She made him feel better about himself. She made him like who he wanted to be. So not soon after they went out. He did a move once to just play around, and she thought it was rape. They broke up a month later. After her, a friend of his started to help me get over it. She slowly decided to get me to go on a date with her. They started dating. Was going go. He met a new friend off the internet that wasn't the long away. He talked to her a lot. He kept watching Tegan even though she never did look at him. His girlfriend started to think he was cheating on her. He never was, but they began to break up. It ended roughly. He didn't know what to do, but after awhile, he moved on. He searched for new people as he walked past Tegan more and more. He watched her. He never changing features. He never changing angel like hair.

He found new people but they never lasted more than two months. Than over the summer, he ran into Tegan. They hugged, he was in heaven. They talked. He didn't want it to stop. Then they started to text after a few days. Then she told him something.

The End

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