Lyrics I wrote~

The world is a very unsafe place

Where the smallest move could be the biggest mistake.

Where you get everything back that you take,

And suffering may be based on the choices you make.

Where a bad fight could scar the earths' face

Or for nothing you be forever chased.

And there could be a story based on you,

Though it may not be entirely true.

There could be a prophecy about your family, too,

One in which you must follow through.

And one little thing could effect all you do

All you life, not one day new.

Because we are never truely free

Like the earth, the air, the sky, the trees.

What surrounds us effects all we see,

And blocks many things that could be.

But one thing's certain; you effect me

And nothing, us me, you, we!

   For the worlds love

    might one day

     set us


The End

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