FREAK-style #11Mature

my version of a freestyle rap song, this one's about the Holocaust.

FREAK-style #11

Ok/ yeah// alright// Let me take you back to the year 1933/ overseas to a country called Germany/ and allow me to palce you in the company/ of those whose views and beliefs were thought to be the enemy/ yeah I'm sure you're all familiar with the story/ about how six million Jewish families/ were executed just because they belonged to the wrong racial community/ along with two hundred thousand Gypsies/ all this carnage was managed/ so that one man could see his fantasies become reailty/ and if you had a mental or a physical disability/ even if you were from the same race entirely/ your life was sure to be cut short eventually/ and they'd say it was only out of pure mercy/ but rewind time back the present day/ and we still say and do the same damn thing don't we/? Because we still got racism and euthanisim/ and even in the richist parts we still livin' with terrorism/ yeah every day we hear of a new blood-thirsty gang controlin' the streets/ while the people of authority ignor the gunshot beats/ as they turn the other way and don't have anything to hide/ because it's just another body they say/ without realizing that even though they put on a superior show/ that amung the average people they are just as low/ and it sickens me to think that one individual would be capable/ of creating a force so diabolical that no one would ever be able to resist/ something as infamous as Schindler's List/ yeah the Holocaust might have opend our eyes to lots but at what cost was that lesson taught/?

June 5th, 2012

The End

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