All Went WrongMature

 Violet laughed happily as Thayer swiped the basketball out of her hands, and watched as he dribbled it up the court and tossed it absent-mindedly into the hoop.  "Okay, but that's the last point you're scoring on me!" she conceded. 

     Thayer winked before passing it back to her.  She managed to dribble it twice before he had stolen it again.  "Are you sure about that?" he taunted.  She dashed to get in front of him and block his shot, but he seemed unphased.  "I know how to handle this."  He flashed a winning smile before using his free hand to toss her over his shoulder.  She kicked and screamed playfully, but he had already made the basket.  "Basketball, my dear, is not your game."

     Still draped across his shoulder, she quit struggling and laughed again, throwing up her hands.  "I'm just having an off day," she tried. 

     At this, he chuckled heartily, and moved to set her down.  Before her toes could reach the floor, he leaned into her ear and whispered, "You're mine."

     It was as if her heart had stopped.  "I'm yours," was her only reply, and she brought her lips to his.  Without removing his lips from hers, he walked her backwards until she was against the wall.  But she didn't mind.  His lips were firm, and full of lusty desire.  Just like this, with her heart beating fast, was all she wanted, forever.  She didn't want it to stop.  But sure enough, as they always did, his hands freed themselves and began to travel.  She could feel them, creeping around her belly underneath her shirt. 

     She was used to Thayer pushing boundaries.  However far she wanted to go, he was determined to go further.  The purity ring on her finger made no difference to him.  She told herself, as long as he stays here.  But she knew it wouldn't happen.  His hands flew upwards in an instant, as if he was reading her thoughts.  She took her hands off of his neck and pulled away, gripping his wrists.  "Thayer, stop.  You know it can't happen."

     He smirked at her, focusing now on running his finger along her cheekbones.  "Oh come now, Violet.  If I really wanted them," he started, now tracing down her neck and along her collarbone, "I could have them at any time."  His finger crept down the neckline of her V-necked tee and she flinched. 

     Hoping he would get the message, she moved to slap him.  But before her fingertips could graze his jaw, he had a painful grip on her wrist.  She cried in pain, and he released her.  Massaging her arm, she stated, "I have to go."  She made for the door as quickly and uncomfortably as possible, but he was right behind her.  He grabbed her, and her instincts kicked in.  Her leg flailed towards him and he grabbed it, swiping the other limb out from under her.   She landed with a sickening thud on the wood floor.  Everything hurt, and all she could think was if he could just leave. 

     He knelt beside her, still smiling.  "You fight like a girl," he chided, still playing as if it was a game.  "I like you, Violet.  But if you're going to pretend to put up a fight, at least challenge me."  He laughed and kissed her cheek, before leaving her laying there. 

     She couldn't sort out her emotions.  They were all jumbled; everything had happened too quickly.  All she could recognize was the pain and immediate swelling her body had suffered.  Alone now, she shed a tear before picking herself up.  He'd never done this before.  It had to be a fluke. 

    But she had to wonder if this was going to become a pattern for him.  Too frightened by the thought, she shoved it aside.  All would be better tomorrow, she had to believe. 

The End

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