The Call That Never CameMature

Violet stared into the foggy mirror as she wrapped her towel around her torso.  She opened the small window facing the back yard, letting the steam escape into the cool fall air.  Singing tunes by her favorite Oldies rock bands, she felt refreshed and happy.  It was the first time since the move back that she hadn't felt the weight of Thayer's dark past dragging her down.  With Cameron, everything was new; she could have a fresh start . . . if only he would call.  She kept reminding herself that a guy always waits at least twenty four hours to call.  But yet, she never strayed more than a few footsteps from the phone.  The sound of a bicycle horn outside her window, the humming of the television in the background - they all set her into a mad dash for the phone. 

     As the mirror cleared, she combed and dried her hair.  she wanted to do somethin gspecial today.  But her stubborn hair refused to hold curls and was too thick for bobby pins to manage.  Feeling defeated, she settled for twisting and pinning her bangs back.   At least it played up her eyes, which she considered to be her best feature.  She didn't quite understand why she was trying so hard today.  It was just a phone call, and all he would be hearing was her voice.

     Just then, the telephone came to life and it's tone began echoing through the hall.  Violet secured her towel and dove towards its source, taking a deep breath and counting three rings before picking up.  "Hello, there.  You've reached Violet," she answered, subconsciously ridiculing herself for the nuance of desperation in her voice.

     Thayer's voice rippled with laughter on the other end, and her hopes sank.  "Hello to you too, Violet.  Hve you been waiting long for my call?"  His breathy voice was lain thick with mockery, sending shivers down her spine. 

     Her grip on the day had shattered.  She might as well have been teetering on the edge of a cliff.  She gulped, responding as calmly as she could manage, "What do you want, Thayer?"

     "Oh come on, Violet," she could visualize him rolling his eyes.  "You are no fun, anymore. where's your sense of adventure?  Won't you play my games?  I know you're dying to know what I'm after."  Like a hawk, circling his prey high overhead, Thayer continued the suspense before going in for the kill.  "And the truth is, I'm after you.  I miss you.  And I know that you haven't forgotten me."

 Her heart lurched.  She hadn't forgotten him.  She had loved him; all of him.  His scandalous kisses sent her burning with desire.  His mystery left her always intrigued.  But she hadn't forgotten what he'd done either: how he'd treated her, how he'd used her.

     "Meet me at the cove, tomorrow night.  We will . . . catch up.  I'll be seeing you, Violet."  With those last few words burning in Violet's mind, he hung up.  It had taken all of her strength to hear his voice, and now that it was over, she gave way to the sobs racking her body.  She locked herself in her bedroom and collapsed under the weight of her memories.

The End

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