Back To The PresentMature

      Violet forced herself to return to the present situation, and grimaced at how closely she was being observed by the single person she wanted most to just disappear.  She didn't want to remember him.  He was the anything and everything she had wanted to get away from when she had encouraged her mother to move, never wanting to go back to the broken condition he had put her in.  She felt his breath, hot on her ear, and winced. 

     Looking around for a reason to excuse herself, she sighted a newly unloaded box of books her mother had set on the curb.  "Thayer, if you'll excuse me I have to help my mom know, the stuff," she explained, shifting her weight to her foot farthest away from him and turning to leave.  But he barred her from escaping with his hands, leaning on the wall, pinning her back against it.  She turned to face him and was trapped by those eyes that she had been avoiding.

     "It's been a long time, Violet. I've missed you." A smirk danced across his face as he started twirling a strand of her dark locks, and she knew he was playing with her. A lump gathered in her throat, but she still couldn't squirm away. He leaned in closer before continuing. "What do you say we pick up where we left off?" He moved to close the rest of the distance, but she only hesitated a moment before turning away, and his lips made contact with her cheek instead.

     She squirmed out of his hold and stomped over to the growing pile of boxes.  Her strength was waivering and she knew that if he stuck around much longer, she might break down.  But she mustered up enough courage to reply, "If I remember correctly, Thayer, we left off with you watching me walk away from this."  With that, she picked up a box and began walking inside, fighting the urge to look back and watch him leave.

The End

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