Two Summers PastMature

     “We all know the rules?  Then ready … set … GO!!” Violet giggled with pleasure as a monstrous crowd of teenagers dispersed to their various bases to strategize.  The game they were all so psyched for was one invented solely for them.  It was the perfect combination of Capture-the-Flag and Hide-and-Seek: all strategy and supremely intense.  They often set the scene for their battles at local parks, and everyone made sure to be there for it.  She paused for a second to watch everybody high-tail it before heading to her own base, consisting of some of her closer girlfriends.  She walked into the circle of girls, talking smack about how easily they would be kicking butts.  Charlotte, her second in command, hushed everyone at her arrival and took her place beside her.  It was made pretty clear how seriously this game was being taken by the utter silence and intently listening faces Violet saw around her. 

            She began, “Friends, classmates, fellow warriors …” There were some muffled giggles at her cliché introduction.  “This is more than just a game, ladies.  We are fighting for all the heroic women before us.  Those that were claimed inferior shall be avenged!”  The girls whooped and cheered at their pep talk and soon were preoccupied with their smaller groups and schemes. 

     Charlotte, however, remained by Violet’s side.  “Violet … he’s here again.  And he’s watching,” she warned her.  Violet sighed and turned slowly, looking at the place she knew she would find him.  Sure enough, there he stood, leaning against a tree.  As always, his deep blue eyes were on Violet.  His lips were subtly turned up at the corner; she knew he was enjoying knowing that she was aware of him, but he made no move to come closer. 

     She turned back to Charlotte with false confidence and pretended he wasn’t there.  “So let him watch.”  She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and acted indifferent.  Soon, she was drawn back into the competition, and the whistle sounded that the game was on. 

     Violet scanned the park in search for the perfect hiding place.  She quickly settled on hiding behind the outer wall of the playground, and started climbing the rock base.  She smiled and leaped down to the otherside the seven foot wall, feeling supremely clever for her feat, and peeked around it to see if the other teams had ventured near. 

     She didn't notice his approach.  She was in the zone and completely oblivious until she felt his hands.  Soft as feathers, his fingers grazed across her hips in her low-rise jeans and slithered inward to intertwine in the center of her waist.  Goosebumps erupted.  He stood so close behind her that she could feel his breath on the back of her neck.  If it weren't for how startled she had been, she might have melted right then and there.  However, she was unprepared for it, and jumped, turning around to see who had dared touch her.  

     Thayer's close stance did not waiver as she pivoted.  Not realizing how close he had truly been, their lips were a mere inch apart as she met his intense gaze.  Shaken, a bit, by his touch still lingering on her skin, she hesitated before increasing the distance between them.  She attempted to appear unmoved, "Wha-What do you want from me?  Can I help you?"

     He didn't reply right away.  Instead, he stared intently at her, grinning at how uncomfortable it made her.  Finally, he flashed her a brilliant smile and responded simply, "I like you, Violet."  She was startled at the sound of her own name.  She was paralyzed as Thayer stepped towards her, removing the distance she had gained.  She opened her mouth to react, and closed it again; she could think of nothing to say with him so close.  She tried once more, but before sound reached her lips, his hand was pressed firmly into the small of her back, and his lips met hers.  She relinguished all control to him as he pulled her waist toward him until the small space keeping him from her was gone. 

     She forgot about the game entirely, and he kissed her hungrily.  As she gave into desires to kiss him back, she thought to herself that this was just the beginning.

The End

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