Violet took a deep breath to relax her as she forced her body to turn and face him.  She did, and wasn’t surprised by what she saw.  He was the same as he had ever been.  His dark, espresso-colored hair just skimmed across his eyebrows: just short enough to reveal the intense blue eyes that always took her breath away.  She avoided looking into those eyes, not wanting to show him that he could still affect her that way.  In the process of avoiding his eyes, she did note, though, that he now possessed enough for muscles to fill out his favorite blue-striped T-shirt.  She wasn’t surprised to find him mere inches away; he had always enjoyed invading her personal space, knowing how much it aggravated her.  His eyes shamelessly scanned her body, lingering on her full breasts before moving on to her tiny waist.  He saw her cringe and smiled teasingly. 

    The way he looked at her – unaffected by her discomfort, if not even enjoying it – sent a flood of memories hammering against the barrier she had created for them in her mind.  She had tried so hard to forget all of it.  All of the pain and heartbreak.  But she couldn’t escape them now.

The End

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