Regretted ReturnMature

     Violet stared out the window of the moving van.  She turned her music up to full volume so as to tune out her mother, chirping happily about their future adventures in the driver's seat.  Violet wasn't interested in being happy.  When she had left Plummet Cove, she had been overjoyed in thinking that she would never be trapped in that sorry place again.  But now that her mother had been offered her old job, she was determined to be miserable.

     In all honesty, it wasn't the location that filled her with such hatred.  She actually loved the body of water for which it was named.  And it wasn't that she didn't have many friends.  Secretly, she was relieved to be seeing many of them again.  She knew what it was that deterred her from the Cove.  He consumed her thoughts, as much as she tried to forget him.  Memories flooded through her brain.  She would never admit it - she had forbidden herself from ever allowing him into her life again - but she wondered what things would have been like if she had stayed.

     Her thoughts were scrambled as her still-chattering mother pulled up to the curb of their old house.  Violet slid open the van door and hopped onto the grass, dropping her canvas bag carelessly onto the lawn as she had always used to do.  She waltzed up to the front door and ran her finger along the familiar cherry-wood railing.  She tried to make this moment last forever, stalling walking through her front door.  Because she knew that before she opened the door, she would have to look, two houses over, and find him.

     She was tracing the last intricate carve of the railing when he found her.  "Hello, Violet!"  She could feel his breath on her neck as he greeted her in a menacing sing-songy tone.  Her shoulders tensed and she squeezed her eyes shut. 


The End

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