Four Little Words

Four little words I cannot deny,

It is true, when I see you, you catch my eye,

But what is this I am feeling so deep?

What is this secret I am trying to keep?


Your constant reminders drive me insane,

Your tyranical behaviour, I cannot explain,

Why do you stand there looking all depressed?

Honestly, to me you never have impressed.


I wish I could say my life is all peaches 'n' cream,

But honestly, that would all be a dream,

I have you on one side telling me where to go,

And I just simply, can't take it anymore.


Open your eyes and look all around,

See yourself in the mirror, you look like a clown,

Putting on an act, trying to entertain,

But honestly, you're just so damn lame.


Shall I continue to describe these four words?

Or do you want me to continue looseining your hold

On this Utopia that you have created,

And no, this explanation is not belated.


You should have known this was coming,

From when I was losing all hope from hearing you talking,

Somehow you're drawn into conversations with friends,

And to this, I can no longer attend.


Please leave my life and never come back,

This may sound harsh, but guilt I do lack,

These four little words should explain it all,

I don't like you, so don't stand so tall.

The End

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