And now we come to the second part of the quote, dear readers, Forgetting. Now this part does indeed sound and in fact is, the easiest option to complete and for the obvious reasons. Forgetting helps you move on, helps you focus on the good things in your life. That is what we have always been told by people who think they know us when in fact they really really don`t.

However, we, as writers one and all, know that this is the best option. We know that if we follow this advice, despite how tempting it may be, then we will be stuck in the same continuous loop of our lives until the day we die. And this is where this quote becomes near to impossible for most if not all of us to complete. 

We need to remember, whether it is for inspiration for writing or to know what words not to use in certain pieces of writing. We use our memories as a painter may use a camera, to capture and store the moments ready for use later on. But unlike a painter, who may delete an image that he can not use, we can not delete our memories however much we try. It is too ingrained for us to keep everything we experience for use in the future.

The End

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