First of all, there is the aspect of this quote about the patience and skill of forgiveness. The ability to forgive, at least for myself, has been something of a skill I have had to learn very quickly in my life. It is something that takes a lot of inner strength and belief in order to do properly. 

Now, I admit that it may not look like much strength is needed to forgive someone for stealing your chocolate bar (Unless your a chocoholic). However, it still takes a modicum of trust and strength in your relationship with your friend in order for you to say,

"I forgive you"

And for some people, those small seemingly tiny words, are more important than any legal agreement that massive businesses may use in their moments of forgiveness. And if that is the case, if that is truly how the forgiving of a small thing can affect someone, then how does it affect someone who has gone through something ten times for painful than the loss of a chocolate bar?

Heart-break is a prime example of something that takes a lot of inner strength to actually forgive. To the people on the outside, who do not truly know how much you may be broken, it seems easy.

"Stand up, shake yourself down, stop sulking, there are plenty more fish in the sea."

This is what they say, unwilling or perhaps unable to see the difficulty any heart broken person has in dealing with it. And if you are following this quote, holding onto it as some form of life-raft, then it is equally difficult. 

How is it possible, you may think, to even possibly forgive the person who did this to you, the person who broke you emotionally to such an extent that you are now forced to hold onto one simple quote and hope that it pulls you through to the end.

And at this moment, this point of despair, is where this seemingly impossible sense of strength and trust comes through, for not only do you have to forgive the person who had done this to you, but also the humanity who you had taken for granted until it was cruelly twisted against you.

And through this epic sense of faith in humanity through forgiveness, it shows that this quote is more difficult to truly follow that was first thought. 

The End

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