Forgive and Forget

Another of one of my many ramblings about a quote that is strangely difficult to follow.

Recently I have been reading numerous quotes of many different kinds on the internet, some of them motivational, some of them about love and friendship and others about anger and loss. But out of all of these that I have read, there is one that has stuck in my head.

"Forgive and Forget"

At first, I read this and simply thought that it was something that any person could do in their lives, that it was one of those quotes which was meant to help you cope with things in life in general. 

However, after spending a good few days thinking about it (and being reminded about it by a piece I read here on Protag) I have started to come to the conclusion that this quote is one of the few things that you can never actually achieve. 

Now I understand that some of you, dear readers, may scoff at this and say "But Soul, it`s easy to follow this quote?" And until this moment, you may well have been correct in your thoughts and beliefs regarding this simple quote. However, if I may indulge your eyes and minds a bit longer, I shall address if it is indeed as simple as you might think it is ?

The End

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