Forbidden Letters

Dear Peeta,

Here I am, Thinking of you again

Still in my mind

Waiting to come out

And say the words you want to hear me say

What am I going to do with you? With all the pressure  placed on me

I forget all the things you have done for me to live, for me to survive

I just can't believe it, I cant believe I let the boy with the bread go

I just can't believe they took me away from you. 

I should have rescued you when I had the chance  and take you away from all the pain 

I couldn't stand it when you were being torn to pieces and I'm standing there helplessly crying for you

I should have told you that I loved you when I had the chance


But it's all too late for that now.

You've forgotten all about me

And you think I'm some kind of monster, because of what they did to you

They injected you with rage, with pain and took away all of you

And the worst part is,  They made you think I'm one of them

ALL IS LOST, All what's left of you is HATRED

The End

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