For Trish - Happy Birthday!

The only one, amazing Trish is having her birthday! Happy birthday, I love you! =)

There is one girl
She is a little pearl
Her lines are like rough diamond
She puts emotions to them
And the diamond shines
All of the lines
Are coming from her heart
And she did cheered me up when I was falling apart

She is a great company
Her words flow like a beautiful symphony
And she is very funny
She's like a sunny
Day after a rain

Lost in the sad world
She showed me the light
In the time of doubt
She was like a road sign
Her happiness
Spreads like a disease
Let me be ill forever

Always there for friends
Her time she lends
All the good feelings she sends
She's like an angel
There for you
And I never knew
What kind of great breakthrough
It will be to meet her

I hope she will stay my friend forever
And for whatever
Will happen I will never
Leave her
Because she is my friend for an eternity

I trust her with anything
Would do anything
To make sure she is happy
Never want to see her unhappy
So, if you need me for anything
Just give me a ring

Her voice is great
I could rate
All of her poems even with eight
But wait!
That's not allowed
But I am proud
Of being her friend
And with that let this song end.

Trish, what I can say about this little elf? I know if I will start to list all of the good adjectives, I will soon run out of them. That was not an exaggeration at all. Amazing writer that puts soul into her work and a fantastic friend that you just always wish you could have, that is the best way to describe her.

WIth loads of love - Dave 

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The End

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