And I felt free. When I finally slowed down to a walk for the final time for that workout, I felt a tranquility flood my spirit. When I stepped off the treadmill, stepped into the shower, and let the cool droplets run over my skin, I knew that not only had I pushed myself physically and run further than ever before, I had also started over. Truly. And that I had committed myself wholly to helping my friends continue the race they'd left behind.

"Separated you from your sin, as far as the east is from the west--
Thrown in the sea of forgetfulness.
What sin? What offense?
And when them waves come crashing in, I’ll calm the winds in your defense (that's what He said).
So, whatever it is that you’ve done,
He put that punishment on His Son.
You’ll never come under His condemnation conquer sin and Satan, and his accusations.
So, dry your eyes, lift up your head:
Hallelujah! God is not dead!
Plus He gave us His peace, and He took our guilt on the cross instead,
Took our place and now we embrace
A clean slate with the eyes of faith.
We know unfailing love, unfailing love, it’s not too late, start over."
-- Flame, "Start Over"

The End

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