For Those Immortal Souls

Carpe diem

I woke up today morning expecting it to be a normal day. Cloudy skies, cool winds...and the sound of that annoying frog croaking loudly from somewhere out in the garden. Yup, definitely a normal day.

And then I opened my Facebook up to see my news-feed swimming with condolences for a friend; a girl who I'd known. A girl I'd passed by in the hallways when I used to go to my next class. A girl who'd flash me a polite smile and 'hello' every time we locked eyes. A girl who'd always had that smile on her face, spreading happiness to all those around her. And now, she's gone

You would think that since I didn't know her that well, I wouldn't be moved to the point of tears. That maybe, I would'v settled for a 'oh my, that poor girl. May her soul rest in peace.' That maybe all I would've done is given her profile a cursory glance, posted my condolences and moved on

Because that's how it goes.

Statistics show that more than 150,000 people die everyday. Children suffering from malnutrition pass on from that stage of half-life to death. Women who lose too much blood when giving birth to the child that was growing inside of them for the past nine months...they don't live to see their baby say their first words. Hostages trapped in a robbery or shooting of sorts, used as mere bait by evil-doers who show no value for the lives of innocent people. They don't live. 

And yet we simply just move on with our own lives.  There's nothing we can do to stop it. What happens...happens. End of story.

I've been confronted by death many times in my life. A lot of my relatives have passed on over the past few years. Today, in fact, one of my father's colleague's son's died. He'd been in the ICU of the local hospital here, battling pneumonia. And his string was cut. Some people blame the doctors - that we don't have well qualified ones where I live. But in the end, past all the reasoning and past all the disbelief, it comes down to the fact that another life has ended. 

It could've been mine. I've been in a car accident before. I've been trapped in the middle of a raging riot in a country where war was expected to break out. I've also fallen deeply sick that I began to question if I'd live another day to see the light. But I made it and here I am now. 

I didn't know Jenna that well. I don't know the people that die everyday, not personally. But what I do know is this. 

For every being that passes on from this world to the next, a part of them will live forever. In our future. In every breath that we take. A child's unfulfilled dreams, a mother's last smile, and a victim's lost hope; all that they'd given up in their lives...we should cherish it. Rekindle the flame and know the value of what's gone and what remains. Because they left the Earth, but they haven't left us.

So in every step we take forward towards our own future, let us remember those that never got the chance to walk on. In every word we say, let us remember the songs we haven't heard. And in the back of our minds, let's remember the face of Hope and the turns of Fate that let us be here this moment, this very second. 

For the sake of those immortal souls, let's live.   

Dum loquimur, fugerit invida
Aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero 

The End

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