For the Ex-esMature

a rant specifically made for Drew -.-

feel free to rant about your ex, girls and guys alike.

You're a cunt faced bitch, 

and when i say that i mean you've had more cunt juice than kisses passing your lips.

your the epitome of disgusting-

and yes, i will admit i dated you.

All my mistakes are something i claim,

so i know exactly what the hell to stay the fuck aaway form.

You're so pussy-whipped,

theses whores walk and you fall on your knees like a little bitch.

You know, you seemed decent the first time we met,

but first impressions are lies and illusions.

for awhile i could live with you bullshit,because im not going to lie,

you damn good at what you do,but your shit gets old soon-

you cant figure things out by yourself,

you're worse than taking care of a three year old,

just taller and hotter, and i wont go to jail for screwing with you.

but you cheat, 

8 other girls, dated you 3 times,

cant blame you, i can only blame me-

and there are reasons why you're the "ex" ,

and i'm, well and i'm me.

i'm done,i'm gone, you're missing out.

The End

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