No One Should Be above the Law

My message to society regarding police officers, words that I hope will be heeded, before it's too late.

Let me be clear about something, despite what I may have said in the past, I do not hate all police officers but rather, I hate what the institution of policing has become, in that what was once a noble profession is now anything but, due to the fact that it has been hijacked by thugs who no longer view the communities they are tasked to protect as just that, but rather as occupied territories in which they cannot and should not take even the slightest risk.

Police officers no longer serve and protect, they now walk around in constant fear for their lives, doing whatever they feel they need to do in order to protect themselves , whatever the case may be, they are now taught by society that that their life matters so much more than anyone else's that they are completely justified in whatever action they choose to take, even if that means shooting unarmed innocent citizens.

I believe that there are still good cops out there, but I absolutely despise the fact that there is such a frat boy, brotherhood, BS mentality that it is beyond unthinkable that even a good cop should speak ill of or condemn the actions of any other member of the force no matter how reprehensible those actions maybe. If a good cop fails to act against or even denounce the reprehensible actions of a bad cop then in my mind, they are both equally responsible for the inevitable outcome those actions bring about, such as the by now countless dead innocent victims, killed, supposedly justifiably killed by those whose job is supposed to be to protect and serve, not to shoot out of fear and hide behind the badge.

Police officers are now taught to never take even the slightest chance with their own lives and if that is indeed the case and reason as to why they elect to shoot first and ask questions later, then in reality, what separates police officers from any other gun welding member of society, other than the abdication of responsibility for the death of an innocent person killed by their hand?

If any other person in any other profession behaved the way police officers do, is there any doubt that they would be demonized, criminalized and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law? Is there any doubt that they would be seen, as paranoid and panicky dangerous individuals who have no business carrying a gun let alone being assigned the responsibility of upholding and enforcing the law?

As long as society continues to look the other way, it will continue to embolden the bad police officers into believing that they are above the law and continuing to commit unlawful acts which ultimately only serve to cast a dark pall upon all police officers, good and bad.

It also doesn’t help that due to the oversized budgets of defense contractors leading them to create more weapons than could ever be used in 100 wars, having to then sell them to local law enforcement precincts, creating dangerous militarized police forces who now view the general public as a war zone and any and every individual member of society as a potential insurgent

We need to start holding the bad apples responsible for their actions and return the Institute of policing to its former noble glory, because if current trends continue, and the general public continues to feel that there is no justice out there for them and that police officers are not looking out for them but rather, are looking to harass, murder and rob them, then they will begin to take the law into their own hands and if and when that happens, it will be bad for both good and that police officers. Not to mention the innocent casualties that will be lost in the inevitable struggle for justice, I say this to you all in the hopes that you will heed my words of warning, before they become prophecy.

For on the day that that does happen, all bets will be off and whether you are a good cop or bad cop, innocent civilian or criminal, those distinctions will no longer mean anything and everyone will suffer equally, I pray that that does not happen for I would hate to see any more innocent people killed, and especially by police officers.

The End

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