Ms. C3

Ms. C3,

 I want you to know about the impact on my life, for I will always remember it.

 When I walked into your classroom on that gloomy August afternoon, I hated people, I hated the world, and I hated myself. But YOU changed it all.

Each day, I'd come in, and something new would happen. You'd smile and say something epicly halarious, and make me see something good in life. You changed my life around.You became my mother figure and a part time super hero in my eyes- salvaging lost hope and putting a spark of hope in damaged lives. And every day that spark grew bigger in me until it was a shining star, burning bright into my horizon. I still may have my bad days,and my really bad days, but I know that soon, but never soon enough, I'll be with my favorite teacher, who will make me realize the good in everything.

And then, you came up with a brilliant cupcake  . And although he does not like me, he helped me get through, too.It was the things like that that made my day. I want to thank you Ms. C3. You helped me SO much. And I promise that I will never forget you, or your smile, or your felony ways.

You are self reliant-you don't need the world to entertain you, because you are entertained by the world. Never forget this Ms. C3. It will help you in life, I know it has helped me. I hope to one day visit you in peaceful Canada. But until then, I will see you at school and on this lovely site that you introduced me to. Thank you SO much, for everything. I love you, you crazy cupcake lady, you.

Love Always,


The End

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