For Kiki

a poem written for a specail child in my life selfishly detached from me out of envy

Does this heartache ever heal, will it go away?
Constantly constricting me, begging me to stay
So innocent and pure, your soul has not yet grown
I love you so tender, please don't feel alone
My heart will keep you safe, and try to guide you free
When things are looking down, you always have me
Time will keep score, and karma will have its defeat
In the meantime stay simple and sweet
In your dreams I will guard you from fear
There isn't one cry I don't hear
I will never leave you, forever I am yours

Keep me in your prayer, and I will do the same
Smile when your missing me,never be ashamed
Know that I will always be proud of you
I will help you, When you don't have a clue
Your my light that brightens the day
An angel in every way
Don't for one minute question your worth
Had my heart since birth
Your beautiful and strong
God know where you belong
Keep faith in me, my child

When the day comes, my arms will be open wide
Waiting to invite you in, happiness crying inside
Eternity will not divide us, a bond so kind
Forget nothing love, your always on my mind
So lay your little head down, and sleep in peace
Mommy loves you baby
please believe

The End

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