Foolish Love Letter of my Youth

Please don't take me to be a phrase maker. I want to be honest

and clear. You have always made me better. By sticking up to me

with tender tact and understanding. By being beautiful. By being


I remember walking down Richards Avenue, numb, when I

saw you for the first time in years. And when we embraced I felt my

heart strengthen, though it was possibly for the first time we ever

did embrace. Though on the outside I didn't budge an inch. And I

remember walking away from you after reciting a poem on the

street because I saw something that may have resembled love in

your eyes and I was scared that you just might love me. But not as

scared as I am that you don't. And I'm thrilled, and humbled, and

terrified around you. Distance has not demoted my adoration but

brought me to this realization, to this point, this outlandish

outreach, this honesty.

All I wanted to say was 'goodbye' before you

left. But you left and I faltered for a few months and then decided

that I'd do anything and everything to be fully prepared for the next

time I see you.

I would never make you love me. I choose to believe in unprovoked

fate because that's the only defense I will have against myself if I

have lost you. I say, CD, throw your man aside and come find me.

Find out all of the things I've been too much of a cowardly boy to tell

you. Come and discover the man I am and how much I care.



The End

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