They say I am confident, because I can talk in front of people, but I am not, they never get the fact I know they are judging me because of what they THINK I am like, they don't see the me, they see glimpses, they helpful, cheery bit... they don't see the angry, left out girl... never sure of what to do or what to say, just talking so no one listens, to what I am like, spilling my life so they don't see the me... the horrible jumped up girl with no actual friends who doesn't get teenager life, who can only write from and adult point of view, and who doesn't understand what to say in social situation... who confuses her peers and changes mood so often that even she doesn't know what she is feeling. her parents claim to love her and her brother equally, but hes the one we sold our house foe, hes the one who gets stuff before her, but she is the one who get kicked off the sofa for him, he gets shoes after pair of shoes after clothes, only when he is gone do they think of me, he always got to choose otherwise he would flip... these may seem petty and common but after a while... I have 5 personalities, school, guides/brownies, rugby and home and ME, but the ME never gets a look in

The End

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