Flames of love

In my life journey yes ther was rollercoaster of love . Onething I releasized how much ever u run away from it somewhere u get caught into the whirlpool of love .

Its a game of casino , luck n love go hand in hand . But mine wsant the 

same . My soul still burns in fire of love. Today, if he isn't der I jus have the scars n marks of his love, the love tht he had made to me .

The memories are the unhealing wounds for ma entire lyf. How I love him I cant express in words actions nthng but only tears which roll out of eyes speak about him. The way I badly mis him n way I madly stil love him.

I cant deny the fact tht I was also caught in this whirpool of love n stil i m nt out 

of it but stil geeting deeper into its storms where there is only more pain and memories which cnt be deleted by any button.

Why does it happen why does the heart stil beats this way the beats gets faster seeing his pic y u loose words wen u even tlk to him even 2de wen u say al is over.

But no dear its not over it is jus next chapter of our love story cos u cnt stop loving or becos ur heart cnt stop beating .

What if tht happens if ur heart stops beating wil I be dead or wil love inside me be killed will I be out of the whirpool of love orelse out of the whirlpool of life.!!!!

The End

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