Fix the broken

A song of need



Cradle me in your arms

Like the fallen bird we found in the park

The one you put back in the nest

You held it so softly

That the bird forgot to cry

I want to wonder what sorrow is too



I need  you

I do

Life breaks me

I need you to build me up

To hold me

To love me

I’m a mess

but you can fix me

It’s the only thing I’m sure of


We sat in the bench and watched the birds coo

The mother bird told them to keep it down

I put my head on your shoulder

I could feel it tense underneath me

Are you scared or just tightening up for the burden?




Wordlessly we walked to our cars

It was almost impossible to leave you

There’s so much I need to say

I just can’t let it spill over the brim

And into every part of my life




This isn’t something to say over an answering machine

So I hope you call back

I need you to be my brick wall

Cause I’m wavering

I am strong but I am weak




The End

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