I found an author in my school. I was excited. :]


Words and lines form my thoughts.

I read and edit to my liking.

Everything sounds better and better in time.

I ask him to read.

I ask her to read.

I ask them to just look.

After my search I surrender to my self,

Until the day I found hope in the words and lines.

I saw these words and lines edited to her liking.

I read and everything sounds better and better.

Meter and rhyme replace my breathing.

This new style, this new expression places me in complacence.

I finally know that the sea of words and lines is here,

not to drown me, but to carry me.

The waves carry me forward to read the words and lines of new

fishes craze.

New meter, new rhyme.

A great expanse of life in a mazarine maze.

The End

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