Little Town- Big Moutains

     The small town of Songora had a population of 4, a runaway slave from the palace,a small common-blooded woman, and two mer-people.

     In a tiny cottage lived Acu and Livra. Acu knew nothing of her past and had only faint memories of a place outside the moutains. They lived in Songora because of the Streamway. The Streamway is a fast flowing rive that moves from Zei to Maraqua. The mermaids us this as their route to Zei.

     Livra was a merman that traveled to Zei and wed Acu. The 7 eggs were laid and the happy couple waited.

     The people of Zei are strange, as are the people of all the other cities. Zeians have dark skin, and a greek apearence. When angered, or, with some amount  of control, when they please they can become a dragon or a farie. Most are specialized : Fire dragon, Water Dragon, Lunar farie, or flower farie,but the rainbow dragon is all of them and all of the faries. The rareist and most wonderful of them all.

     Maraquins, look diffrent they turn into merpeople and only when touching water. They look strange when human, their skin is almost scale-like and they have sharp pointy teeth. Their hair grows long and silky.

      Sogononians, of Sogononia, are extreemly good looking. All of their features in human form are perfect. They turn into Griffins or dragon-eaters, often called drogonoas.

      There are many other races in the three cities, but those are the main ones.

Back to the story the family waited for the day they would hatch and were hopeing that  it wouldn't end up the way it did.


The End

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