First Day of Forever

Who knew she would have to save her world... Who knew she would be that one? No One.... Akieela has to save her world, Zei, from the other bubble. The adventure is breath takeing as she shows how powerfull you can be!

     "I can't hold them off for long," Alania whispered. "I'll run away you lead Zei, she doesn't have to know. She doesn't have to die!"

     "Brave Alania,"he whispered in a husky breath. "She will find out sooner of later, it is her destiny."

     "Give it to the grandchild don't make it have to be Acu, She can't die like this she is not as strong as the child will be."

     "Make the child die, Are you a fool?"

     "Give the child a chance and let my daughter live, the child will have the chance. Acu is only a little girl, Gingee, and she is a common born, close enough to a red-blood I'd say."

     "The child will sucead and your daughter will fail anyway."

     "Give her the chance to live, we've wasted enough time. Make your desission now. NOW GINGEE!"

    "Your daughter lives, for now."

     Gingee blessed the child and sent her to the slave."Gorgan, take her and keep her safe. When the time comes you'll know what to do."


-They all died only the slave and the girl lived.-


The End

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