Got inspiration for this from the song, "The Finisher" by Oh, Sleeper, enjoy!


Your little speech is impressive. Albeit a little threatening, and somewhat stupid, seeing as who you're talking to, the one who created you with one breath and could snap your neck with the same thing. I would've thought you'd have learned from the first time, while your whispers turn the hearts of weak men, my voice raises the seas into the sky.

You command the fallen, the corrupted, the evil, the betrayers. I command the loyal angels of heaven. I am God, you are an arrogant, lustful beast, who's blood will fuel the fires of hell. A snake who in the end has lost more than he has ever gained.

For every one of my children your tree keeps from seeing me I will burn another limb. And in the end you will bow or I will make you by ridding you of your useless knees. You'll see your past of envy, as every bit of patience and mercy for you, drains out of your body in the form of blood.

I am the eternal God, Alpha and Omega, finisher of my people's faith, My Son now sits on the throne you once tried to steal from me. And now as you sit before me bloody and battered I will rip your horns from your head, as you ripped away the innocence of my people with that wretched apple.

The End

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