You only live once

You only live once, unless you die twice.

                                                         ~ * ~

I'd been swimming without waterwings since the age of two, I was never out of the water. I was on the school swim-team from age seven, I swam 2500 meters when I was nine. I still have the certificate to prove it.

I have medals for diving, can swim more then a length without breathing, I have done emergency training courses and had a junior lifeguard badge.

I was diving for weights off the bottom of the pool one day when Tony threw the uncoiled hose in the pool on top of me, he then picked up the nearby pool-skimmer and proceeded to thrash the water about with it, poking, attacking me with the netted end of the pole.

Dad says I was under for a minute, treading water and trying not to panic as I tried slowly to detangle myself. He'd seen Tony throw the hose in, and was already running down the path when Tony had started his second wave of attack.

I wasn't breathing when I was pulled out a minute later though, dad having dived-in, clothes, shoes, watch and all. He'd been the one to take me on all the swimming lessons and courses, so he knew what to do.

 He said it seemed like minutes later but was probably only seconds before I was choking back great lungfuls of air, having already purged all of the water I had swallowed.

Tony got punished by his own father of course, and it was two years before he was allowed back in our pool again.

I was never put off swimming, I had been given a second lease of life and thanks to me, two other people, one including the kid that tried to drown me were given the same chance as I was.

The End

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