One Moment Man

I had waited four entire years for this exact moment. We were sitting in the basement of his cousin's house watching one of those straight to film movies he just rented at Blockbuster. We were seated on a raggedy couch that wasn't good enough for upstairs. We weren't touching - but the tension between us was tickling my skin. I didn't know what to do, what is one to do when you finally get to be with the man you've been dying to be with for what seems like eternity? I just sat there.

However, we talked. We talked and talked, and dissected every part of the movie to bits. His voice was buzzing around in my head, and it killed me that I couldn't just turn around and look at him. I was too shy.

Finally the movie come to an end, and he jumped off the couch and sat on the floor infront of me. His smile dazzled me, we joked around, he started playing with my feet, breaking the physical barrier, and soon we were rolling around on the old carpet play-fighting. We settled down again, and he lay down on his stomach and complained his back was sore. I offered a massage, he immediately accepted.

I kneaded every muscle in his back, discovering every nook and crany there was to discover. It was electrifying to finally be able to touch him. I said I love you with my hands. I've never so much enjoyed giving a massage, and I could tell he felt likewise by his barely audible moans of pleasure.

He sat up, told me it was my turn, and let him explore my back as I had explored his. Our skin only seperated by the thin fabric of my t-shirt.

When he was done, I sat up, and he removed a flashy red lighter from his cargo pants. "Wanna see something cool?" he asked, smiling at me, with his penetrating eyes, the ones that I had fell for so long ago. I nodded.

He took my foot, covered in a white cotton sock and lit it on fire, and I watched as it the flame travelled, dying slowly, yet I felt nothing.

He lit me on fire, literally, and metaphorically.

We talked some more, laughed some more, I relished every second. Soon he took hold of my hand, and played with my bracelet, telling me it was pretty. I told him it was my graduation gift, and he told me he'd like to come visit me in my city. He'd like to take the drive. I began answering him, but midsentence I noticed him leaning in, I closed my eyes, my body could hardly contain its ecstasy. Our lips finally met, after countless songs I had written about us, my fairy tale had come true. We kissed, and kissed, and rolled around on the basement carpet for what seemed like forever. He held my hand, tenderly, and I savoured one of those moments that only come in handfuls in life.

The End

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