Keeping the Moment Alive

Adam was due to arrive at six am, so there would be plenty of time to load up the car and do the three hundred mile drive before they hit rush hour traffic at the other end.

We had spent the first two hours of our evening putting together new wardrobes in what was going to seem a very empty room after he'd left. We ordered take-out, and sat curled on the couch eating it and enjoying each others company.

On the outside, I may have looked happy, on the inside, a different story altogether. Please don't leave me. I didn't have a right to feel this way any more. It had been seven years though, a long time out of anyones life. And tomorrow it would all be over.

I could feel unbidden tears welling up, he didn't notice though as just then his phone began to ring. It was Adam. In a moment of wisdom he had decided that it was, in actual fact preferable for him to come over at midnight and save sleep for after the drive and unpacking at the other end.

Fantastic for you Adam, not so fantastic for me, as I now only have a measly two hours left before this chapter closes. I did cry then, unashamedly, wracking great heaving sobs.

He pulled the throw he'd bought me for my birthday off the back of the couch and wrapped it and his arms around me, resting my head against his chest; he held me like this, stroking my hair until I stopped crying.

He held me until the intercom sounded, before kissing me on the cheek and going downstairs. While he was letting Adam in, I went to our room.  My room now. I got on the bed and I stayed there until an hour and a half later when he came in to say they were done packing the car.

I didn't want to wave him off, the tears had returned and I didn't want to say goodbye because, well I didn't want to full stop. He gave me one last hug before leaving, a hug I wish had never ended.


The End

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