This is a basic idea of what kind of character(s) you are and whom you might meet.  While various people will call themselves various titles and be skilled in unique ways, most everyone will fall under one of these categories.

-<Class Guide>-

<Class Name>: <Brief Description of the class’ purpose, strengths and weakness’>
<Mandatory/Typical Weapon choices>: <If a weapon is mandatory... you MUST have it as that selection. The Typical choices are guidelines you can use or discard as you wish.>

<Alchemist>: <The Alchemist is a master of the science of Alchemy of course. They combine rare and common ingredients to make potions, items, and trinkets with various properties and traits. Typically, the Alchemist serves as an alternative to a full healer, capable of quickly crafting potions and other healing items in the midst of battle. Also, their ability to craft offensive “spell type” items makes them an excellent backup magic damage dealer> 
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Rifle Arms><Secondary - Pistol Arms>

<Bard>: <The Bard is a peculiar magic user who weaves his beneficial magic into his songs and poetry. Typically the bard sings, but their magic can be harnessed by reciting poetry, or playing a musical instrument as well. The bards primary purpose is to enhance the parties abilities through his status boosting magical effects, raising strength, speed, and giving protections with his encouraging performance. Most Bards are also avid historians, capable of identifying items, locations, and people of historical importance and recalling bits of lore about such things>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Musical Instrument>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Secondary - Any>

<Beast Master>: <The Beast Master, also referred to as the Tamer by some, has a unique talent for inspiring trust and empathy with natural creatures. Through an innate magical ability they bond with a creature and bend it to their will. Benevolent Tamers will often release the animal after it has helped, and rarely force a creature to fight to the death. Those of a more questionable nature however, enjoy the control of the primal creature, and often throw lesser creatures to their death before engaging an enemy themselves>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Great Axe/Hand Axe><Secondary - Whip>

<Berserker>: <The Berserker is fury incarnate. Ferocious fighters who often resort to their own hands to tear and pummel their foes. They are extremely fast attackers who rarely relent in their single minded bloody war path once their anger is raised. Their strength is renowned, as is their lack of control or awareness while in the throes of rage. More than one Berserker has found himself standing over the body of a companion who was mistaken as an enemy during the battle frenzy. That aside, they can make some of the most dependable combat characters out there, and are a nightmare to face in battle>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Any Two Handed weapon><Secondary - Club>

<Black Belt>: <The Black Belt is a martial artist without Peer. Far beyond the simple bare knuckle fighters and self defense buffs, these meditative warriors train their bodies and minds well beyond the normal human limits… reaching deep into their souls to tap into an energy reserve they call Ki. Manipulating this Ki energy allows them to do magic like effects and perform acts of physical prowess above and beyond simple training>
<Mandatory weapon>: <Primary - Claws>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Secondary - Paired>

<Blackmage>: <The Blackmage is destructive power incarnate. They manipulate the powerful forces of black magic and channel them to annihilate their foes and opposition. Renowned Spiritas over for their raw destructive capabilities, the blackmage is never without a weapon, as the very elements themselves come to his aid. While undisputedly the most capable of decimating his foes through magic, the Blackmage is quite possibly the physically weakest and incapable of all the class’>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Staff>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Secondary - Daggers>

<Bluemage>: <The Bluemage is an unorthodox magic user, who forsakes both the elemental power of black magic, and the healing power of white magic, and instead embraces the rare but powerful blue magic, wielded by the wild things of the land. They spend much of their time in the company of beasts, learning their ways through trial and error… often at great personal risk and with deadly consequences for failure. Because they must experience and endure a creatures special blue magic abilities in order to use them, most Bluemages are hardy and toughened… tho this is not universal>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Hand Axes><Secondary - Whips>

<Dancer>: <The Dancer is the counterpart to the Bard. Using intricate dance maneuvers and graceful poetry of motion, they conjure magic forces that impede and weaken their foes. Renowned for their dancing talents and skills as entertainers, it is easy to overlook the devastating effect these specialists can bring to the battle group. Many scoff at the abilities of the dancer, but to those who have the pleasure of traveling with one soon grow to appreciate and admire the wide range and various status anomalies the musical companions can bring to the battle>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Daggers><Secondary - Small Thrown>

<Dark Knight>: <The Dark Knight is a terrifying opponent who uses martial and magical attacks to devistate his foes. Focusing on the destructive side of combat, the Dark Knight can harness a small amount of useful Black magic, and weaves its use into their deadly swordsmanship. The Dark knight is a heavily armed warrior who focus’ dark powers and is willing to endure suffering… as long as it inflicts greater suffering on his enemies>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Great Sword><Secondary - Any>

<Dragoon>: <The Dragoon is a majestic and capable fighter with a strong connection to the Dragons they are named for. They are the perfect protectors and bodyguards, clad in heavy armor and wielding their long spears or polearms. Dragoons learn the ability to make impossible leaps even in their heavy gear, and deliver devastating attacks from above on their foes. Even indoors or in tight quarters however, the dragoon displays their awesome combat prowess and proficiency with the spear like weapons>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Polearm>
<Typical weapon Choice>: <Secondary - Archery> 

<Engineer>: <The Engineer is an anomalous class that, much like the Alchemist, tinkers and invents its own arsenal. Unlike the Alchemist however, the Engineer focus’ on mechanical devices and weapons… favoring modern firearms with their own adjustments and enhancements over any archaic one. They are consummate perfectionists that develop a snipers eye with their chosen weapon. The typical Engineer also tends to carry powerful heavy firearms, and is easily capable of inflicting massive damage on par with most combat class’>
<Typical Weapon Choices>: <Primary - Heavy Firearms><Secondary - Pistol Arms> 

<Geomancer>: <The Geomancer is a magic user who draws their power from the land itself. Much like the Blue Mage draws power from the creatures of Nature, the Geomancer pulls his power from the environment around him. Depending on their location, this versatile spellcaster can call upon a variety of offensive, defensive, and effect magic to assault foes or bolster allies. They possess a few powers that can be used anywhere… but they tend to develop a particular liking for one type of terrain or another, and gravitate towards those areas>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Staff><Secondary - Club>

<Gunmage>: <The Gunmage is closely related to the Bluemage, in that they both learn the magic of the creatures of Spiritas. However unlike the Bluemage, the Gunmage need not personally feel the effects of a creatures magic to learn it, instead he need only observe the effect in action. While this gives them a greater ease with which to aquire their magic, their spells are also less powerful than the same effect would be for a Bluemage. Gunmages substitute magical might for Combat versatility however, learning to supplement their magic with powerful firearm enchanting abilities, including the ability to focus a shot against a particular type of foe. They make excellent hunters and spend much of their time in the wilds>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Pistol Arms>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Secondary - Dagger>

<Gunner/Archer>: <The Gunner/Archer is a master of Ranged combat, and precision shooting. Their single Minded pursuit of the ranged weapon has given them uncanny abilities with their chosen ranged weapon, and they are capable of inflicting great damage on a foe from a good distance. Not only are they capable of damaging foes reliably, but they train intensely in the art of melee shooting, and can fire almost recklessly into a battle with little risk of hitting allies or innocents. With a keen understanding of distance and physics, the Gunner/Archer is renowned for trick shooting>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Rifle Arms, Pistol Arms, or Archery>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Secondary - Paired if Pistol is primary, or anything appropriate>

<Ninja>: <The Ninja is a master of stealth and secret Ninjitsu techniques. They train extensively in the use of light weapons and are trained from very early in their career to master dual weapons, making it almost second nature. They prize secrecy and mystery, and make excellent spies and assassins. Because their training focus' on light weapons, throwing items is a natural ranged choice for them. They use deception and ninja stealth techniques to evade and hide from enemies... striking from the shadows or the flank with their allies.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Claws, or Light sword>, <Secondary - Small thrown>
<Free additional Weapon Skill>: <Paired weapons>

<Paladin>: <The Paladin is a Heroic champion of light who crusades into battle to defend the weak. A martial combatant mostly, the paladin gains minimal access to some white magic spells, focusing on healing and status removal. Their largest asset however is their high hit points and tendancy to "cover" their allies in battle... taking the hit for the weaker members or the spellcasters.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Knights Swords>, <Secondary - Shields>

<Redmage>: <The Redmage is a Jack of all trades, wielding blade, white and black magic with equal ease. A mixed class capable of minor healing, minor offensive magic, and a competant swordsman... the Redmage is the epitome of versatility. Their magic most heavily focus' on status ailments, and that is where they really shine. Impairing their foes while bolstering their allies makes the Redmage a valued and welcome member of ANY party.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: The redmage has no real Typical choices... each develops their own style and look.

<Samuri>: <The Samurai is an honorable swordsmen, calling upon the spirit of the Katana and martial techniques to dispatch foes with ease. They study their opponents and analyze their weakness'... striking only when they beleive it will be most effective. Their masters of their blades, and they work hard to master the spiritual sword Techniques of their favored blades. Honorable and dependable, any party could only benefit from this expert swordsman.>
<Mandatory Weapon>: <Primary - Katana>
<Typical weapon Choice>: <Secondary - Small thrown... usually sharpened coins>

<Summoner>: <The Summoner is a powerhouse in disguise. With a large ammount of magic points, but only a small ammount of healing spells at their disposal, they would seem to be flawed whitemages. It isnt until they call upon the great power and might of the Aeons that their true use becomes known. They master the art of calling to this world the Avatars of the ancient Espers who chose to remain behind ages ago, to help the races of Spiritas. These avatars arrive at the Summoners Beck and call, fighting in their stead and unleashing devistating powers and physical attacks on all those who stand in the Summoners way.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Staff>, <Secondary - Any>

<Thief>: <The Theif is a nimble and quick character, capable of robbing their foes of everything from Gil, to items, to hp/mp. As they grow in ability their theiving powers continue to develop, eventually allowing them to charm members of the opposite sex, and take the equipment right off a foes back. Fast and agile, they make a fine addition to any party that wants to pull in a little extra loot.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Daggers>, <Secondary - Thrown objects, archery>

<Warrior>: <The Warrior is a masters of martial prowess, trained in many styles and weapons in order to be the combat machine. They can sustain ungodly ammounts of physical punishment, and even the strongest attacks have a hard time putting them down quickly. They have virtually no special abilities, but are capable of mastering more than a single weapon, and have the fortitude to defend and soak up more than their share of the party damage. Any group should be delighted to accept a warrior into their ranks.>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Any 2. Warriors receive 2 primary weapons>, <Secondary - depending on style, Shield or Paired weapons are favored, but any selection is acceptable>

<Whitemage>: <The Whitemage is the healer. Put simply, they keep the party alive. With a Whitemage in a partys ranks, they can be more bold, and take on greater foes because the powerful healing magic at the Whitemages disposal is more than capable of mending all but the most greivious of wounds. They also gain a few offensive holy spells later in their career that can suprise and devistate unsuspecting or Dark enemies.>
<Mandatory Weapon Choice>: <Primary - Club or Staff>
<Typical Weapon Choice>: <Secondary - Shield>

The End

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