The races of Spiritas are many... too many in fact to list here with any degree of accuracy. However there are some who stand apart as major contributers to the overall existance of the nations. Some of these races are listed below, however others are available upon request.

Human: Called Hume by most of the other races, humans are seen as the driving force of change and expansion. Unlike any other race, they have no prefferred terrain or habitat, and they breed and expand at amazing speed. Humans make up the dominant race of Spiritas, and all four of the major kingdoms are controlled or influenced by humans. They are versitile and adaptable, and can be found in any proffession, pretty much anywhere.

Al Behd: The Al Behd are a human-like race of Desert dwelling people. They are almost identical to humans except for the naturally tanned skin and strange eyes. Their eyes appear as two swirling dots of color instead of the normal Iris format of the human eye. The Al Behd are not a magically adept race, and although they can be of any profession, magic used by them tends to be less effective. On the other hand, their natural agility and hardiness make them exceptionally good thieves and warriors. Their innate affinity with machines (machina) also makes them ideal Engineers and Alchemists... and both class' are the most common occupation of the majority of Al Behd.

Ronso: Very large and powerfully built humanoid Felines, the Ronso are a deeply spiritual people who worship the natural power of the world and spirits. They respect the teachings of Yevon, and make some of the most sought after and renowned Guardians for Summoners. They favor the class' that bring them in close communion with natural magic such as Geomancer, and also the martial class' with Dragoon being a Favorite. Their spiritual and honor bound culture however can be taken advantage of, and the Ronso are always on guard for those who would use their beleifs and traditions against them. All Ronso consider a challenge refused an act of cowardice for instance... however they are smart enough to know the difference between an honorable challenge and an attempt to goad them. This sense of honor makes the few Ronso who choose the path of Samuri frightening and dedicated defenders.

Guado: The Guado are humanoids who at first glance appear almost human. However on closer inspection key differences are noticed. Guado arms and legs are abnormally long, and disproportionate to their bodies, giving them an identifiable gait when walking or moving their limbs. It also makes them exceptional swimmers and climbers. Guado tend to wear their hair in long elaborate styles and tattoo their bodies with spiritual markings and designs. The Guado also have a great deal of appreciation and respect to the Yevonite religion, but it is not universal. They tend to pursue positions of power and influence, and rarely seek to confront their enemies in direct martial pursuits. The various "Mage" type class' are preferred, and those who truly dedicate themselves to the Yevon teachings invariably seek to become Summoners.

Moogle: Cute little creatures with a reputation as diplomats and mediators. Moogles are universally adored and even the darkest of hearts rarely seeks to do them harm. This is a natural part of the moogle physiology and has helped the small diminutive race survive through the centuries and thrive. They make excellent healers and are adept at almost any magical pursuit, but their true strength lies in the Dancer Job. Moogle Dancers are extremely good at their jobs, and have the chance to learn unique dance techniques that only Moogles can perform. Conversely however, their small stature makes them ill suited to any form of martial pursuit, and rarely do they consider such an occupation. The Moogle people also have an unquenchable wanderlust, and regularily explore the world for the joy of it. This led to the formation of MOGNET, a messenger guild of sorts that sends letters and parcels all across Spiritas. Although it is EXTREMELY rare... there are a few evil or selfish Moogles out there... however they find no love from their race and are shunned by all Moogles. Also, they loose their natural "cuteness" and seem somehow less adorable. Although they have small wings, they are incapable of flight any higher than about 2-4 feet off the ground... effectively capable of levitation only.

Blackmage: Blackmages are not to be confused with the Occupation of Blackmage... tho it is their most pursued Carreers. Blackmages are stocky constructs who were created long ago on the eastern continent... presumably by the Ancients. They are infused with magic and all look nearly identical. They appear to be nothing more than a pointy hat, robe and boots that covers everything else except a pair of glowing eyes. Small variations of this do occur, but by and large the entire race appears almost identical. They are a simple species for the most part, and procreate through a mystic ritual that is performed automatically by all blackmages every 20 years after their creation. They are Asexual, but some seem to display mildly female traits while others display decidedly male ones. Since the dissappearance of the Ancients, they have wandered the world looking for a home. They make Exceptionally powerful and capable blackmages, and have a strong ability in any other magic class they take. They are also capable of pursuing any martial job that also possess' magical abilities such as Dragoon, Darknight, Paladin, etc, but are incapable of dedicating themselves to solely martial class' such as theif, warrior, or Berserker. Even tho they are constructed and not truly living, healing magic seems to have no difficulty repairing them.

Half-Esper: It is unknown how Half-Espers are created, but some beleive their ancestry has an esper in it. Others beleive that anyone who spends a great deal of time handling Magicite could also chance breeding Half Espers, and since many are born in Vector, this theory seems plausable. Whatever the case, half espers are identifiable from birth, and are abducted or executed on discovery in Vector. The child displays strange colorations just under the skin that seem to grow more vibrant when its emotions are high. As it ages, small stony protrusions begin to break the skin anywhere that bone is near the surface such as the elbows, knees, sternim, chin, brow, and spine. These protrusions grow more defined and spread as the Half Esper ages until eventually, when the Half Esper dies of old age, he is nearly completely consumed by the stonelike material. This material is very similar to Magicite, however it contains only magical energy, not specific personality traits or such things. And so it cannot be used in any way like the normal Magicite, except to power Magitek devices. Half-Espers are only born to human parents, and as such all appear mostly human except for the Stone protrusions and their eyes which appear to be entirely formed of colored energy. The color of this energy is identical to the color of the stone, and denotes the Espers natural elemental affinity as follows: <Purple = Dark>, <White = Light>, <Dark Blue = Water>, <Light Blue = Ice>, <Red = Fire>, <Yellow = Thunder>, <Orange = Stone>. This elemental affinity grants the Esper an immunity to spells and effects of that type... but a weakness to effects of the opposing element. (Fire vs Ice)(Water vs Thunder)(Light vs Dark)(Stone effects cause physical damage, and so have no immunity nor weakness).

SOLDIER: Another Human Hybrid, a SOLDIER is the intentional Fusion of a human being with Makou Energy in order to produce a superior being. Unlike normal humans, SOLDIERS have no capability with magic. All of their own inherent magic is consumed and transformed into Physical enhancement. They are stronger, faster, and tougher than any normal human, and are known world over for their physical prowess. They focus exclusively on martial pursuits, relying on Materia for any magical ability. Only Shinra has the capability to create SOLDIERS, and it is one of their best kept secrets.

There are of course other races in existance, however they play a smaller role in the global events of Spiritas. These races represent the most influential or populant and are the most commonly encountered. The Half Esper and SOLDIER Races are slightly more powerful than the others, and as such require permission to play before creating. Suggestions for other playable races are welcome.

The End

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