Bevell, home of the Yevonites: These people are deeply spiritual and faithful to their religious beleifs in the teachings of Yevon. The recent disaster, coupled with the appearance of Fiends like those born of Sin has convinced them that Sin either has returned, or is about too. Although no proof can be offered to support this, the Maesters of Yevon have used the wide spread fear and superstition to unify their followers once again in the teachings. Many flock to Bevell in hopes of either becomming Summoners, or Guardians; and the nation is undergoing an amazing boom in development and unity. The maesters have even begun hiring adventurers to seek out the ancient temples in other lands,or to search for signs of Sins return.

Vector, the Magitek Empire: The Vectorians are a selfish, arrogant people. Even the commoners cant help but recognize the inherent greatness of their own worth. They live in a world where life is comfortable and pleasant... so long as they dont question their Emperor and obey his mandates. Although they are unaware of the secret actions of their leaders... it is hard to say how much they would care should the truth be known. The recent cataclysm has left many worried or spooked, and the great Vectorian Propoganda machine has jumped into action, blaming the Espers and calling it an attack by the supernatural forces that other kingdoms toy with. This has worked marvelously, and recruits are pouring in from its surrounding cities and towns in support of the Emperor.

Baron, Masters of the Sky: The Baronites are a suspicious folk, however under their new leader they are slowly growing to trust again. Basically good people, they have long lived under oppression and strange circumstances. They stand ready however to defend their kingdom, and the sight of the great Red Wings Airships above their towns bolsters and inspires them. The kingdom possess' a set of Crystals spread through its smaller villages that helped to lessen the effect of the storm, however in protecting the kingdom the crystals were drained of all power. Robbed of the Crystals blessings, the Redwings and other Airships have been recalled from the boarders to protect the centers of population more efficiently... leaving the wild expanses of the Northern Continent riddled with fiends. Baron is actively petitioning adventurers to help protect its boarders by offering title and reward to those who serve the king and protect the people.

Shinra, Corporate Interests: The people of the Shinra are a comfort driven people. Unlike the Vectorians however, their comfort does not outweigh their moral compass. The power they rely on is Makou, a clean and abundant energy that, (According to the Shinra Propoganda), is pure and healthy and in unending supply. Thus the people of Shinra will do much to defend their beloved nation. The Shinra is supported by its people, and the terrorist group Avalanche is viewed as a dangerous group of deviants. The appearance of Fiends across the continent has spurred many to join the private army of the Shinra, and many more aspire to one day be part of the Legendary SOLDIER division, like the great hero Sephiroth. Shinra has begun an Active Adventurers Campaign to hire out groups of young explorers and thrillseekers. They offer great pay in return for the mapping and exploration of various remote locations of the world. Sometimes they request items or other such things be aquired, but for the most part, treasures and relics found are left in the hands of the adventurers.... making this a very attractive offer to most young treasure hunters.

The End

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