Historical Timeline

The history of Spiritas is long and rich, and for the purpose of our story, we will examine the past 5,000 years, as they are the most pertinant.

-5,000 years: The first council of Unity is called, and the young fledgling nations sign a treaty of peace with eachother. The four Continents are united together and a glorious golden age of peace begins. At this time the western continent is home to the Ancient kingdom of Zanarkand, and The northern continent is the domain of Figaro. The Eastern Continent is the home of a secretive and isolated race known as the Ancients, while the Southern Continent supported the joyful and friendly Espers.

-4,500 years: After 500 years of peaceful existance, the world is rocked by a terrible Calamity. A massive creature appears in the deep ocean and begins terrorizing the coastal communities of the four Continents. It is named Sin by the survivors of Zanarkand... and although each continent tries its best to defend against or slay the beast... its devistation and destruction goes largely unchecked.

-4,480 years: Zanarkand is hit again by Sin... this time the destruction is complete, and the ancient city of wonders is destroyed... dissappearing below the waves forever. The survivors move inland and begin construction of their new capital, Bevell. Taking a cue from the utter annihilation of Zanarkand, the other races of Spiritas begin moving further inland, cutting their loss's in an attempt to escape the beast. World travel becomes a dangerous and rare thing, and the once unified people become isolated on their own continents.

-4,005 years: Unexpectedly, Sin emerges from the ocean and assaults the mainland of the Northern Continent. Its fiends swarm the surface and move inland at a frightening pace, destroying all they find. According to the historical texts, The desert city of Figaro is wiped from the map.

-3,987 years: Fearing that they could be next, the Esper High Council gathers and the decision to abandon this world is reached. The decision is not unanimous however, and a few Rebel Espers decide to remain and attempt to help Spiritas heal. The majority of the race retreats through the mountain gates to their home in the Esper world, leaving the rest to their choice in Spiritas. These powerful Espers are led by the great Esper Bahamut, and they spread themselves across the world in an attempt to help the other races in their struggles. Others of the remaining stay on the southern continent to protect the gates to the Esper World.

-3,400 years: The Ancients grow more and more xenophobic and isolated as time progress', and their greatest seers predict the end of their race should they remain as they are. Almost overnight the race mysteriously dissappears, leaving their great cities abandoned and no explaination of their dissappearance anywhere. The humans who populate the rest of the continent gather together in these abandoned cities and begin a new society whose name has been lost to the ages. 

-3,010 years: Sin launches an all out attack on the Eastern Continent... annihilating many of the abandoned cities, and laying waste to most of the inhabited ones as well. Only the capital city of Midgaard is left standing when Sin returns to the waters, and it is beseiged by savage and powerful Fiends.

-3,000 years: After extensive training and combined effort with the Espers who chose to remain on this world, a man named Yu Yevon from Bevell pioneers the art of Summoning, calling Esper allies to aid him against the fiends of Sin. A great battle is fought between this man and Sin, and Sin is defeated at last. Yu Yevon is hailed as a savior and saint, and becomes a great spiritual leader to his people.

-2,990 years: Yu Yevon mysteriously dissappears, and a few months later Sin is sighted in the Blue Expanse. The small merchant routes that had begun to form are quickly abandoned and the world returns to living in fear of the great creature. Bevell begins following the dictates of its great leader and more summoners are trained. From this point on, history is littered with the story of Summoners training and defeating sin, only to buy a 10 year respite from the beast that comes to be known as the Calm. After this 10 years of calm, Sin miraculously reappears every time.

-2,098 years: During one of the Calm periods, the humans of the Eastern Continent assemble their most prominant merchants and forge a new trade route to the northern continent. The success of this endeavor forges the loose affiliation of nobles and merchants together into a guild known as this Shinra Merchants Guild, named after the leader of the merchants.

-2,091 years: The steady influx of new material and goods allows the disjoined people of the Northern Continant to come together and begin rebuilding. Some decide to continue looking for any sign of the ruins of their capital city of Figaro... comming to refer to it meerly as Home. The People of Bevell are brought into the worldly community as the Shinra Merchant Guild forges its greatest trade route across the Blue Expanse, but the Yevonites as they have come to call themselves show a great disdain and predjudice against the people of the northern continent... claiming Sin annihilated Figaro for the same reason it annihlated Zanarkand... because of its reliance on Machines they call Machina. The two continents quickly become bitter enemies.

-1,900 years: After almost 2 centuries of quiet hatred, Bevell and the remains of the Figarin people begin skirmishing with eachother. Instead of promoting peace between the two nations however, the Shinra Merchants Guild begins supplying weapons and war provisions to both of them. This drives the conflict to even greater excess and it isnt long before the two peoples are locked in war.

-1,890 years: After a decade of fighting, the Espers can take no more. They seek to find peace between the two nations, and their efforts are largely successful. Revering and honoring the espers, the Yevonites begin to beleive that perhaps they were wrong, and the war slows down considerably... promising to end within the year. Worried for their continued buisness dealings, the Shinra sends a convoy of settlers and agents to the Southern Continent to open up a new trading post. This is merely a cover however, as they establish a military colony extremely close to the Esper World Gate. The espers return from their peace talks to find their home under seige, and almost all of the remaining Espers in Spiritas are slain. The few survivors move across the world, forming small temples to reside in while they attempt to contact the rest of their people, but with no access to the Gates, it is impossible. Eventually they know death is upon them, and they gather to them a few Yevonite followers to tend their final resting place, and to give them access to their power so the battle against Sin can continue. The weapons used by Shinra are the same as those provided to the Figarin survivors, who now call themselves the Al Behd. Without anyone to clarify, the Yevonites renew their hatred for the Al Behd a thousand fold, and the war escalates.

-1,720 years: Generations of fighting has brought the war almost to a standstill. The Shinra Merchant Company, as it has become known, still assures the continuation by unveiling new technologies and weapons to both sides whenever one seems to have an advantage. The colony on the Southern Continent continues to grow, and now comes into direct conflict with the Esper Gate Guardians on a regular basis. Shinra has no desire to deal with a war itself, and orders the colony disbanded. The people of the colony however are rallied by their leader General Ghestal and declair their independance from the Shinra Company. With no desire for conflict of its own, Shinra simply cuts its loss' and does nothing to interfere.

-1,500 years: A small sect of the Shinra Company discovers the many lengths the company goes to in order to ensure the continuation of the war. Disgusted, they gather their supporters and leave the continent, travelling far to the northern continent and petitioning the Al Behd to hear them. Upon discovery of the Shinra manipulations, the Al Behd join with these humans in an easy alliance that puts the humans at the forefront of the development of the continent. The Kingdom of Baron is born... and between Al Behd knowledge of Machina, and the Ex-Shinra experts, the first of Barons great Airships is crafted. Used as a defensive measure, it quickly proves effective and pushes the Yevonites back to their continent. The war goes into a stalemate of hate boiling beneith a thin veil of truce.

-1,450 years: The four Continents largely remain isolated from eachother now. The Shinra's dealings with the two warring nations has atrophied with the lack of active warfare, and it turns its attentions inwards on special projects and exploring the ruins of the Ancients more thoroughly. Baron grows more powerful as its compliment of Airships grow, and the alliance with the Al Behd becomes secondary as the Baronites now begin to outnumber the indigenous Al Behd. To the South, the colony of Vector institutes its first Emperor, the descendant of the origional leader, Ghestal VIII. Under the leadership of the Clever and sly line of leaders, it has become a technological masterpiece of warfare, and selfish expansionism. The Esper Gate is all but sealed. The Yevonites dedicate themselves to their sacred duty of prepairing summoners to defeat Sin, and they begin expanding their influence to the whole of their continent, absorbing the indigenous races such as the Ronso and Guado.

-1,000 years: The High Summoner Yuna defeats Sin for the final time, beginning what will be called the Eternal Calm. With Sin Defeated perminantly, the church of Yevon takes a great loss in faithful since there is no longer a need for a pilgrammage or training of new Summoners. Baron begins a sudden and unprovoked expansion campaign, conquering or annexing all its surrounding towns and countryside. The alliance with the Al Behd is all but forgotten, and the Al Behd fade into their desert home without fanfare or notice. Shinra has become a powerful nation in its own right, and the president of the company lords over it like a messiah to his people. They begin experimental work harnessing the power of the planet, using barely understood ancient principles. Vector cuts communication with all outside sources, adopting an almost xenophobic relation to the rest of the world.

-25 years: The vectorian Emperor, Ghestal XXV is forcibly removed from his throne by an ambitious and some whisper demented general Named Kefka, thus ending the family line of Ghestal. He creates an outpost at the Esper Gate, and locks out all who are not part of his inner circle. What happens there and its purpose is a secret that even his people are unaware of, but their quality of life rises steadily and soon, few question his methods or actions.

-15 years: Shinra's President Mysteriously dies and is succeeded by his Son, Vice President Rufus. Under Rufus, the Shinra budget for special projects almost triples, and the powerful private army is enhanced with a new division known as SOLDIER, the first being a man named Sephiroth. A renegade group of eco-terrorists comes into being close to the same time named Avalanche, seemingly intent on disrupting the high quality of life enjoyed by the Shinra upper and middle class.

-10 years: Barons king is deposed by his two most trusted soldiers, a Dragoon named Kain, and a Darknight turned Paladin named Cecil. Upon assuming control of the kingdom, Cecil takes his lover, the Whitemage Rosa as his queen and puts a stop to the aggressive expansion and actions of the Redwings.

-5 years: Across the world those in tune with magic experience a vague but startling premonition. A cataclysm of massive proportions is sensed by even those with only minimal connection to magic, and every nation views it differently. To the Yevonites, it is seen as a portent that Sin will return once again, and they begin training a new generation of Summoners and Guardians. In Baron, the omen is seen as a sign of great evil about to be born, and an entire wing of new advanced Airships is put into production. The Shinra view the premonition as a sign of attack, and begin an aggressive recruitment program, nearly tripling its private army size. And the Vectorians view the premonition as their call to war. Forseeing a retributive strike from the Esper World they redouble their incursions into the Gate and go to a state of heightened altertness, producing Magitek weaponry by the truckload.

-1 year: A cataclysmic storm smashes Spiritas, wreaking havok and destruction across the four nations unlike any experienced since Sin. The countries are devistated, and strange geographic phenominon are recorded including the dissappearance of small islands, the reappearance of others, and most notably, the sudden creation of a fifth central continent. Although the Storm dies down after an ungodly 3 months of constant world wide assault, the central continent remains sheathed in the deadly storm to this day.

Today: The nations have finally returned to a sembilance of normal, however now they are faced with a plethora of problems. Many minor cities and towns have been utterly destoryed or left in ruins. Their people are scattered and disjoined and worst of all, Fiends like those described in the Historical texts have begun cropping up all over Spiritas.

The End

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