Welcome to Spiritas, long the home of high adventure and wonder. This world is host to a plethora of amazing creatures and wonderous sights, and a powerful magical essence that permeates everything. 

Spiritas is divided into 4 large continents, each located in a roughly circular pattern with the others. North, South, East and West... the land mass' are surrounded by small island chains and open blue sea. Each continent experiences a different flow of weather, and while it is winter on the Northern Continent, it may be summer on the Western, and Fall in the Southern. Each continant also sports a diverse Geography, which causes all kinds of terrain to exist on the great land mass', including Deserts, Forrest, Mountains and open plains to name a few.

The people of Spiritas use a currency known as Gil, and it is the last shreds of a once thriving global Economy. Now a days, the four continents are seperate and isolated from eachother. Trade between the Continents still persists wherever diligent and determined merchants are willing to brave the wilds and seas for the chance at the wealth such endeavors promise.

A recent Cataclysmic event has reshaped the face of Spiritas, laying waste to much of the four kingdoms and causing all manner of extreme conditions and occurances in its wake. The most extreme and noteworthy of its aftereffects seems to be the addition of a fifth continent, located at the epicenter of the "Blue Expanse", the ocean that lies in the center of the four continents. This fifth continent is unknown to the world, and its mystery has peaked more than a few curiosities both among the common folk, and the leaders of the four Nations.

The End

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