The Quiet Things No One Ever KnowsMature

Beep. Beep. Beep.

He wasn’t sure if it was the repetitive sound of the machines at his bedside that woke him, or if the heavy dose of anesthesia was finally starting to wear off. His mind felt clouded, but at the same time it was racing with a million questions the main one being why it smelled so strongly of antiseptic. The answer would have been obvious to anyone else, but Griffon’s mind wasn’t entirely back in its proper state.

That aggravating beeping noise which he could only assume was his alarm going off was making the pounding of his head more intense than it already was. Instinctively his hand extended in attempt to turn off what he assumed to be his alarm, his hand instead colliding with the plastic guards on the side of the bed. Obviously confused and without hesitation he managed to open his eyes only to become instantaneously blinded by the fluorescent lights above.

It was only at this point he realized he wasn’t laying in his bed with the worst hangover he’d ever had, it was much worse than that. The last place he thought he’d be waking up this morning was in a hospital bed with little to no recollection of the previous evenings events, or even how long he’d been here for.

This was just getting more and more ridiculous by the second, what in the fuck had even happened last night? Clearly you did something stupid, there’s that much. His conscience wasn’t exactly helping matters, lips curved in a frown as he desperately tried to come up with some sort of explanation for everything. It was impossible at this point, his mind far too hazy. 

The End

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